Best paintball barrels for Paintballers

Every component plays a key role, even a small part like Barrel. Barrels are long projections of paintball guns that make the end section of the marker ( Specially Made by Hammerhead paintball)from where ammunition comes out. Furthermore, these paintball barrels are titanium, stainless steel, Aluminum, or sometimes carbon fiber. Due to its importance, the best paintball barrels can add accuracy to your shoots with the minor target missing. 

Players have no other alternative to give their shoots a high degree of accuracy. Thus, consider the barrel mechanism when getting equipment for your paintball marker or modifying it. Because perfect Barrel can take your game to a whole next level, resulting in winning your game.

We know that it won’t be that much easier for users to pick the perfect paintball barrel; however, we have just made it a child’s play.

Top 5 best paintball barrels list 2022

Paintball barrelspreviewRating on amazonPrice
1.Deadlywind Null Paintball Barrelbest paintball barrel Deadlywind Null⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2.Gog Carbon Fiber FreakGog Carbon Fiber Freak⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3.Tippmann Sniper BarrelTippmann Sniper Barrel⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4.Deadlywind Fiber-X Carbon FiberDeadlywind Fiber-X Carbon Fiber⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5.Eclipse Shaft FR Back Kitseclipse shaft fr back kit⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1 -Deadlywind Null Paintball Barrel – editor’s choice

Deadlywind Null Paintball Barrel developers have made it the foremost choice if you’re looking for a paintball barrel that genuinely offers exceptional value for money. Its straight-bore barrel design is sturdy and made of premium carbon fiber. 


The Barrel overall body comes with carbon fiber material which makes it lightweight however it is long-lasting. As well as this, the three-layer construction is solid and functional. The assembly and portability are pretty straightforward but note; customization options are somewhat limited. 


  • Paintball barrels are lightweight.
  • Multiple layers of carbon fiber construction.
  • Straight carbon fiber barrel.


  • Contains very few customizable options. 
  • Sometimes there is inaccuracy of the shots.

2 – Gog Carbon Fiber Freak – extra double

Do you want the most durable paintball barrel that will last for too long? If yes, Gog Carbon Fiber Freak is for you people. 

Carbon fiber barrels are the most durable and robust materials in the best paintball barrels. Paintball barrels made of these materials are among the most popular on the market. Furthermore, barrels don’t break or get scratches and are additionally lightweight so that you can hold them effortlessly. 

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Using this Barrel, you will make shots that hit the target better than ever before. You will be happy to know that it will last for a very long time because of its overall construction and durability.

If you buy this item, your money is appropriately spent in a better place, so go for it without hesitation.


  • One-piece barrel system. Features numerous inserts.
  • Quite durable than others in the same price bracket.


  • It only Fits paintball guns using an auto-cocker thread.

3.Tippmann Sniper Barrel

A nicely designed barrel with a smooth, black, and shiny finish. Furthermore, two sizes are available such as 14 inches and 16 inches. The length of the Barrel is neither too low nor too short, so you will be able to have accurate shots. In addition to this, there are many great features on this Barrel, including fluting at the end and porting to aid gas release. With its low friction interior and aluminum construction, you can get it to enhance your shooting performance. 

It is also a one-piece barrel with a simple classic design along with other features mentioned above.



  • With its moderate barrels, you can enjoy precise shots. 
  • It makes less noise when operating.
  • Perfect for longer shoots.
  • Sniper likes paintball barrels.


  • The shooting range is not significant.
  • The look is not attractive

4.Deadlywind Fiber-X Carbon Fiber

Are you looking for a barrel that weighs minimal but gives perfect performance? I know you are, so don’t be panicked; the Deadly Fibre-X Carbon Fiber won’t disappoint you. With its three-layer construction, specifically the inner layer is extremely important. 

In addition to being known as the super slick Barrel, its smooth design will ensure accurate shots every time. Although carbon fibre barrels are very lightweight, many of them have issues, such as fibre threads coming out of the porting holes, causing the barrel surface to become uneven.

Approximately 45 grams go into a 12-inch barrel designed for those who desire accuracy and quietness. Furthermore, this Barrel offers accuracy and long-term protection through the use of a barrel swab.


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Don’t make too many noises.
  • Extra durable, feels comfortable with straight shots.


  • Quite pricey.
  • There are some problems with the Barrel regarding different bore sizes.

5.Eclipse Shaft FR Back Kits

Eclipse Shaft FR paintball barrels have all the features that make them the best paintball barrel. They are fast, accurate, and reliable, and you will have unmatched shot accuracy with this paintball barrel. 

Furthermore, these paintball barrels come in freak-ready format, compatible with freak inserts. Additionally, the designs stand out differently from others with numerous customization options. This Barrel is a top choice when choosing which option will work best for you so directly without thinking twice go for it. 

However, quick cocker threads are its most distinctive features.


  • It fits perfectly with freak inserts
  • Improve bore selection.
  • An innovative design guides the insert.


  • It’s not that loose.

Ultimate Buying Guide

Well, to make it fun for you to finalize any best paintball barrels, we, with our thorough research, have brought plenty of handy guides that you should examine. Luckily, this will help you immensely, so make sure not to miss a single point. 

The materials of the best paintball barrels. 

The first thing that comes to the buyer’s mind will surely be Material, and why not since materials tell you about the built-in quality. Consequently, the best paintball barrels are mostly Aluminium, carbon fibre, titanium, and stainless steel. These all things come with their unique and distinct features, which give tremendous strength to the barrels. However, all materials are not the same because one lags in some aspects; the other takes the lead. 

For instance, Aluminum is relatively cheaper and lighter than stainless steel, which many users like because they can hold it effortlessly. Additionally, carbon fibre-made barrels are recommended thanks to their durable, lighter, and robust body. 

Length of the Best paintball Barrels.

Barrel length varies from shorter to longer; the average size is fourteen inches. However, shorter barrels are perfect, enabling people to shoot with accuracy. But one downside of shorter barrels is you can not hit far distances, so those who want to clear the farthest reaches go for the most extended barrels of about 16 inches. 

Dimensions of the bore.

Along with the materials and length of barrels, you should consider the bore diameter before choosing the best paintball barrels. Subsequently, the majority of barrels have a bore diameter of .689; additionally, narrow bores make rupture your ammunition before it leaves your weapon. So by this way, your gun will block which you have to clean, it means a waste of your precious time. Furthermore, a wider bore will destroy your shoot’s accuracy, so always go for the average diameter. 

Best paintball Barrels made of one or two pieces.

Both one-piece and two-piece barrels are available; one-piece construction was famous in the past; however, professionals prioritise the two-piece barrels these days. With the two-piece barrels, you can independently determine barrel front and back lengths of two-piece options.

Kits that include everything.

Consider a barrel kit with a wide selection of backs and fronts as well as inserts if you want a complete kit. Choose sets that include carbon fibre components if you have a sizable budget. These robust materials are known for offering the best all-around performance, as well as ensuring that your parts last for a longer time. A complete kit includes barrel configurations suitable for different game scenarios, from recreational play to targeted training and even tournament-level play.

Vents on the barrels.

Typically, small holes on the best paintball barrels are called vents, and their rudimentary work is to take out all the excessive pressure from the Barrel. Shots will be quieter if the vents are closer to the target. 

However, vents at the end of the Barrel are louder, but the shots will be decisive. So choose the paintball barrels with adequate vents size and location. Apart from mentioned details, you should also clean the vents regularly at home because it may get blocked because of dust, resulting in bad performance. 

Interior Design of the barrels. 

In addition to rubbing, a rough interior can affect maintenance, so make sure that your Barrel comes with a plain and perfect interior. An uneven interior can also cause low speed or even breakage of the ammunition. You should select a cleaning and maintenance-friendly product. With friction-less interior of the best paintball barrels, balls will move out of it easily without fear of stucking. 


After reading this article carefully, we hope it will be easier to select the best paintball barrel that best fits your demand. Nevertheless, players should acquire leadership qualities, teamwork skills, and much more to be successful at paintball. Furthermore, our recommendations are Gog Carbon Fiber Freak. – extra durable, Tippmann Sniper Barrel – Accurate shoots, and Deadlywind Fiber-X Carbon Fiber – Lightweight paintball barrels.  

Overall, we hope our comprehensive buying guide and product reviews will help you decide what to pick. So do read out thoroughly.