Top 10 Best Paintball Guns Under $200 (2023) | Reviews and Buyers’ Guide


Finding the best paintball gun can be a great hassle. It is frustrating to look for different guns on different platforms and still ending up having confusion between various choices. This article will allow you to have a glance at the best paintball guns under 200 all at one place.

There is a wide variety of paintball guns in the market. Every gun is designed uniquely to satisfy different demands of enthusiasts. Every model has different specifications and features.


Best Magfed gun

  • dual-feeding system
  • fast shooting
  • Can be modified easily
best tactical gun
Tippmann Cronus tactical

  • Accurate gunshots
  • Disassembling is easy
  • Internal gas line
Very Lightweigt

  • Propel Paintballs easily
  • Anti chop technology
  • Low bolt pressure

Best Paintball Guns Under $200

Paintball GunPreviewRatingsPrice
Tippmann TMC MAGFED – Best Magfed Paintball gun5
Spyder Fenix electronic – best paintball gun under 2005
Tippmann Cronus basic – best cheap paintball gun5
Tippmann Cronus tactical – best tactical paintball gun5
GOG enMEY – best lightweight paintball gun4.5
Tippmann 98 platinum series – best beginner paintball gun5
Azodin Kaos 2 – best affordable paintball gun4.5
Tippmann Gryphon – Best budget paintball gun4.5
Azodin Blitz 34.5
Tippmann Project Salvo Sniper – best paintball sniper5

1- Tippmann TMC MAGFED - Best Magfed Paintball gun under $200

While searching for best paintball guns under $200, the first model that hits instantly is TMC MAGFED. Tippmann never compromises on quality, and it offers TMC MAGFED, which is very popular amongst different paintballers.

TMC MAGFED can be an excellent pick for woodsball. It has a high speed which is a plus if you are shooting for some distant area. This provides a great shooting experience and is accessible on the pocket. Paying less than $200 for such a great piece is a win-win.

This model is famous for its dual feeding system. Dual feeding system particularly let the gun operate with either hopper or a magazine. The efficiency, however, remains the same no matter what you choose between the two.

Several paintball players admire TMC MAGFED because of its accurate targets and perfectly balanced shooting speed. It would not be wrong to say that this proves to be the best choice when it comes to paintball.

Its stunning sleek look and areal composition makes it so portable and enhance the shooting experience in the field. One can undoubtedly carry it to the battlefield if ease is the priority.

All of these features let the players enjoy the game without having a painful experience of carrying heavy and bulky equipment to the field.

  • dual-feeding system
  • fast shooting
  • Accurate shots
  • Very lightweight
  • Very efficient
  • Can be modified easily
  • Sleek look


  • Durability issues
  • Breaks down if over-exhausted

2- Spyder Fenix electronic - best paintball gun under $200

Spyder Fenix electric is an electronic paintball gun. It has a unique valve system which distinguishes it from other guns in the market. If you are looking for an electronic paintball gun, then this will be the best pick for you without a doubt.

It has an advanced EKO valve system. This valve system makes it the most efficient gun that too in such a low price. The firing speed is almost double than any other gun in this price range.

This gun is undoubtedly very flexible and efficient. It is a semi-automatic gun which allows around 1600 shots just using a 20 oz air tank having a clamping feed neck because of which it can shoot many balls even in seconds.

It has a break beam eye technology instead of anti-chop technology, but surprisingly it works very efficiently. This prevents the paintball breakage and enables you to hit accurate shots.

Spyder Fenix has an inline regulator that makes sure that the speed and velocity are adjusted correctly to ensure a great shooting experience.

  • Highly reliable
  • Very efficient
  • It consumes less air
  • Twice as efficient as ordinary guns
  • Beam eye system
  • Adjustable inline regulator
  • Inbuilt velocity adjuster


  • Magnetic response trigger could have been better.

3- Tippmann Cronus basic - best cheap paintball gun under $200

Professional paintball players suggest that Cronus basic by Tippmann is the best option for beginners. It can be labelled as the best paintball gun under 200. Again Tippmann offers amazing paintball guns, and this is undoubtedly one of them.

Tippmann Cronus basic is elegantly designed outstanding gun. The external body is to die for. Besides being so stylish, this is very strong and efficient too. Many paintball players are amazed to see such an excellent piece at a very reasonable price.

It has a rubber grip which is amazing in quality and makes it very easy to grip the gun properly. It has a military-like look which is an attention grabber. Beginners who cannot carry heavy paintball guns to the field can play with this lightweight gun effortlessly.

It shoots the target straight away and what makes it outstanding is its gas line. The gas line in Tippmanns Cronus essential is fit internally making it handling more comfortable.

This is the best paintball gun for anyone who is looking for a reasonable yet efficient gun with brilliant specifications.

  • Best for beginners
  • Preferable for intermediate players
  • The sturdy and robust outer body
  • Ability to tolerate harsh outdoor environments
  • Stylish
  • Military like design
  • Very lightweight
  • Attached strong rubber grips
  • Can be upgraded and modified.


  • The stock barrel is not up to the mark.

4- Tippmann Cronus tactical - best tactical paintball gun

Tippmann Cronus tactical is an upgraded version of Tippmann Cronus basic. It is a great paintball gun to start with. This precisely is the most favourite paintball gun of many players out there.

It is not just stylish but highly efficient, durable and portable too. No doubt this is very durable and lightweight at the same time. It will never be an obstacle for moving hands and limiting activity in the field.

Many intermediate paintball players also choose this because of its remarkable performance. It is an excellent pick if you are looking for paintball guns under $200. It is an onetime investment which will last for an extended period.

Tippmann Cronus tactical can be disassembled very easily. If you want to carry it a long way, you can remove and carry the parts individually. Also, this makes the cleaning of this gun easy.

It just like Tippmann Cronus basic also has an internal gas line and additionally it has an inline bolt system too. This simply makes the paintball experience more enjoyable and significant.

This also makes sure that the gas tank is not irritable while playing. This paintball gun never distracts the player and let him play comfortably on the field, resulting in a remarkable performance.

  • Very stylish
  • Accurate gunshots
  • Highly reliable
  • Best paintball gun for newbie and intermediate players
  • Lightweight
  • Very easy to carry
  • Low or no maintenance cost
  • Disassembling is easy
  • Easy to clean
  • Internal gas line


  • Fragile collapsible stock.

5- GOG enMEY - best lightweight paintball gun

GOG enMEY even today is the choice of many expert paintball players, and it has always been a great deal for beginners. It is surprising to see how you can get the best paintball guns under 200.

GOG enMEY has a paintball loader on the top of it and air tank at the bottom. It has a proper pistol grip and forwards grips too. The external designing of the gun is fundamental, but the strength of fire is astonishing.

It hits the paintball effortlessly and smoothly. It is very lightweight and contains minimal parts which make it so handy and convenient. GOG enMEY is very durable and does not require frequent maintenance for breakdowns.

GOG enMey is made up of high-quality, durable plastic. This plastic body is solid and reliable in even harsh game environments. This piece will never disappoint you in the battlefield.

It has built-in anti-chop technology. This technology enhances the whole firing experience. The accuracy of shots also inspires beginners to use it in the field.

  • Choice of expert paintballers
  • Preferable for beginners
  • Propel paintballs easily
  • Constructed with solid material
  • Strong plastic body
  • Anti chop technology
  • Low bolt pressure
  • High level of accuracy


  • Very basic design
  • Not compatible with high-end paintball guns

6- Tippmann 98 platinum series - best beginner paintball gun

This branded gun is specially designed for beginners who can, later on, add upgraded features to level up. Tippman98 platinum series is a .68 caliber gun. It is designed smartly to cater to the needs of all players in the field.

Its composition is fundamental, but it supports a cyclone feed system. E-trigger kit and various response triggers can also be attached if you want some upgrades. Tippmann 89 platinum series allow customizing the basic look of it too.

The gun’s internal components are easily accessible, and this is legitimately the best part. Many people purchase this for its split receiver unique design. The performance is excellent, and like every other gun offered by Tippmann, this is also very durable.

Beginners should buy this gun if they are looking for paintball guns under $200. This gun will later allow them to make modifications and have an upgraded version just by spending a few more bucks.

This model also has built-in anti-chop technology which prevents the paint from the chopping of and breaking down. This enhances the accuracy and efficiency to the most.

  • Improved gameplay
  • The customizable look is a plus
  • Gun is upgradable
  • Performance can be modified
  • High reliability
  • Internal components are easily accessible
  • Prevents paint from breaking


  • Has a loud shooting noise.

7- Azodin Kaos 2 - best affordable paintball gun

Azodin Kaos 2 is amongst the highest rated paintball guns in the category of the best paintball guns under $200. It has a basic paintball gun design. This simple valve designed gun still survives as a reliable gun in the market.

It has no bulky additional components attached to it; instead, it is very compact and easy to handle. It is a very simple yet fantastic variant of paintball guns. Many people prefer buying it as this is not complicating to use.

Its O rings can be easily replaced. It is no hassle to disassemble and reassemble it. It can be cleaned within minutes at home. Its parts are replaceable and accessible.

Azodin Kaos 2 has excellent rubber grip panels which makes it easy gripping. It is very comfortable in the field, and recoil is not something you would face on the battlefield with this gun.

This is also very good with long distant shots. The accuracy level is also commendable.

  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • No firing issues
  • No leakage
  • Lightweight
  • Few internal components
  • Minimal recoil
  • Good distant shots


Not as quieter as other guns

8- Tippmann Gryphon - Best budget paintball gun

Tippmann has introduced a variety of paintball guns all with different looks and specs. It is also a perfect and reasonable option for beginners and is a good cheap paintball gun.
Tippmann gryphon has high quality and smart looks. It has an excellent blowback design which makes it as beautiful as any high-end paintball gun. The hopper in this gun can be set on the vertical feed.

Its grip is very comfortable and non-slippery. The gun kit includes safety goggles which are a plus in such cheap rates. It has an inbuilt internal gas line. Tippmann Gryphon has excellent durability and is very reliable.

The material used in Tippmann Gryphon is aluminium. Just like other good guns in the market, it is also very lightweight and easy to carry.

It supports rapid firing in the field but is very compact at the same time.

  • Very affordable
  • Best in quality
  • Classy looks
  • Compact design
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • High durability
  • Accurate firing ability
  • Very easy to use
  • No maintenance cost


  • It cannot be customized and upgraded

9- Azodin Blitz 3

Azodin Blitz 3 is a very slim yet durable, reliable gun. Again this is very lightweight and has a comfortable grip. This grab will let you play paintball freely and easily. Azodin Blitz 3 is a very durable model that too in such a reasonable price.

It gives a fun experience holistically. It is an excellent pick if you plan to play paintball with your friends. Often professionals like to carry this gun with them too.

Azodin Blitz 3 is made up of durable nylon composite material. The outer body of the gun is strong, and this material makes it lightweight. All these factors make this gun reputable.

The best part about Azodin Blitz 3 is that it does not make any harsh voice in the field. It eliminates noise pollution and can help you hide easily from the opponents and hitting targets on the spot quietly. This also means you can figure out the presence of combatants cleverly.

This works very effectively and saves a lot of recurring costs. The air is well utilized and not wasted by this gun. Moreover, a piston is installed in this, which makes it cost-effective by saving the important gas.

  • Very durable
  • Frame made of nylon composite material.
  • Highly efficient
  • Saves on a lot of gas
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Quiet functioning
  • All-rounder


  • Lacks a smart, quick clamp feed neck.

10- Tippmann Project Salvo Sniper - best paintball sniper

Tippmann project salvo sniper is a .68 caliber gun. It is just as impressive as other paintball guns offered by Tippmann having 11-inch quick thread barrel.

It also has standard size shroud, rails and stock.

sound blowback system is also a part of this gun, and its mechanism is semi-automatic. Not only CO2 but nitrogen and pressurized air also work great in this. It can shoot eight regular paintballs in each second.

Additional accessories can easily be attached with Tippman project salvo sniper as per the preference. This gun is very quiet when it comes to shooting. Most guns in this price range are not as quieter as this one.

Its design is so eye-catching because it is similar to AR15, which is a US army gun. It is very easy to use and very comfortable to handle in battlefields.

This can be a great option if you are interested in paintball guns under 200.

  • Support the majority of standard paintballs
  • Highly flexible
  • Semi-automatic mechanism
  • Easy to attach accessories
  • Very quiet shooting


  • It is not recommended for speedball

What to look for when buying a paintball gun under $200

It can be a challenging task to choose the best paintball gun for yourself, so we will make sure that you have some prior knowledge about essential things to look for when buying a paintball gun under $200.

The level of commitment to the game

Accessing the level of commitment to the game is the first step. If you are a paintball enthusiast and you plan to play frequently, then you might want to buy a gun that has high durability and is of excellent quality.

On the contrary, if you are someone who would play paintball once or twice in a while so you can buy the cheaper versions or even can decide not to buy and rent a gun instead to save a handsome amount of money.

The facility where you will be playing

The facility where you will be playing matters the most while purchasing a paintball gun. There are some specific rules for the safety of paintball players, and these might vary from facility to facility.

It is advisable to first check on rules of the facility in which you will be playing before buying any paintball equipment.

Your preferred game

Before buying a paintball gun, you need to make sure that the gun is compatible with your preferred game. For instance, different guns have different specifications, and a gun for woodsball would not necessarily be suitable for speedball. If you plan to play woodsball than you need a gun that is capable of shooting from distant areas while in speedball, you will need a gun that can shoot quickly.


Paintball players may have different positions already assigned before the game, so you must choose a gun accordingly. If you have to run, bend and climb, then you should go for a gun that is handy and lightweight. Similarly, if you are to shoot from a distance then you might need a different type of gun.


Another crucial key feature you might want in your gun is it being lightweight. Lightweight guns are easy to handle and play with. If the gun is too heavy, it will distort the activity on the battlefield.


Paintball guns are available for different kinds. You need to choose wisely whether you need to buy a pump gun or a semi-automatic gun. The type of gun mainly depends on the type of gun your opponents are playing with.

The type of gun is an important thing you need to look for before buying a paintball gun. You can gather information about both of them and then make your own decision about what suits you the best.

Hopper placement

You should also look for the placement of hopper before buying any paintball gun. Sometimes the hopper is placed offset; this can often limit your activity by blocking the visibility.

Most paintball players prefer centre fed paintball guns. These guns have the hopper placed in the centre, which enables you to aim accurately from both sides. You should always decide a gun according to the correct hopper placement as per your preference.


A) A basic paintball kit includes the paintball gun, some paintballs, air tank, masks and hopper. But it depends on the package you are selecting. Different paintball guns may come with different packages and kits. It is advisable to search for discounts on these packages. Often players can get their hand on great deals for as low as $200. The additional things may vary from package to package.

Now that you have a variety of options to select from the best paintball guns under $200, you are good to go. You just have to make sure that you keep all the essential things discussed above in your mind before making a purchase.

Before buying any paintball gun, it is advisable to compare the pros and cons and have complete knowledge about the critical features of the gun. In this way, you can make an informed, wise decision.