Best paintball pants Product reviews and buying guide

Choosing the best paintball pants for beginners and experienced players is essential for ensuring a comfortable battle. 

In terms of protective things in paintball games, visors and vests are often the first things players consider when dressing for a game. Furthermore, many players search for the best paintball guns when they get into the game completely.

So, make sure to note; if you are buying paintball pants, you should consider these central aspects of pants carefully: a comfortable fit, plenty of flexibility, and the ability to protect yourself from opponents’ shooting.

Best Paintball Pants list

Due to the fierce competition among different best paintball pants producers, you may find dozens of companies making great pants with distinct features. Consequently, buyers are almost always unsure of what to pick, and they frequently ask themselves whether this pick is worthy. Nevertheless, do not worry; we have made it simpler by reviewing the five best paintball pants available right now. 

To fully understand the pros and cons of each product, you should carefully read each product.

IDOGEAR G3 Combat Pants - best overall paintball pant

Do you want affordable paintball pants with proper fitting? In this case, IDOGEAR G3 is the best paintball pants you can get, as they have the best paintball pants that suit your preferences. Furthermore, looking deep into the materials used to make these paintball pants, using a 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton, these pants are moisture-wicking and have a 4-way stretch. With a Teflon layer and YKK zipper with these things, it would look like you are wearing military-grade pants. However, the paintball pants have nine more pockets that allow you to store all your essential equipment during battle. Luckily, you will get removable knee pads for knee protection along with these necessary things. Overall, it would be worth purchasing paintball pants with numerous characteristics. 



  • Colors include camouflage or black.
  • Suitable for paintball, airsoft, and war games, as well as daily use.
  • The price is incredible, and the fit is impeccable.
  • Many pockets for keeping things.
  • Proper fit.


  • You may need to extend the Velcro.

Planet Eclipse Paintball HDE Pants - Lightweight pants.

Planet Eclipse Paintball HDE Pants fit your legs the way you want them to, like the IDOGEAR G3 combat pants. Additionally, you will have knee pads with this pants model used during paintball battles, but fortunately, they are removable whenever you do not need them.

These best paintball pants also have a padded crotch area if the paintball hits in a place you do not want to be hit. It does not stop here; you can also remove hip pads like knee pads, so do not worry about these things as manufacturers have made them removable. Luckily, there are various stretchable pockets for storing or keeping lots of stuff. 


  • The pants are lightweight and made with highly breathable material.
  • It does not produce sound when you run.
  • Paintballs come with lots of padding.
  • Keeping your identity hidden is easy with the camo design.


  • There might be some issues with the leg closures, and the pockets are a bit tight

Exalt Paintball T4 Pants - varied sizes

There are many types of pants available on the market. However, if you are looking for a pair in various sizes, then Exalt pants are the appropriate option. Because of their varying lengths, you’ll find them in multiple sizes.

Exalt pants are designed with added stretch zones and hip padding to be incredibly flexible. Also, they are available in two colors: black and grey. If you need paintball pants with many extras, then you are in the right place. With the standard pockets, customers may also want a large rear pocket to hold lots of things, as well as a zippered thigh pocket and a swab pocket on the thigh; so store plenty of handy tools in them.


Moreover, knee pads made of Kevlar are not cheap. Further, these pants contain padding at the groin, with mesh vents that escape hot or cold air. When wearing these paints, you will love how breathable the liner is, so you can stay cool whenever you put them on indoors or outdoors.


  • Amazing built-in quality.
  • Flexible four-way panels.
  • Plenty of pockets.
  • The baggy nature of the pants provides extra protection.


  • The back leg pockets could be tricky to use. 

Survival Tactical Gear Pants - various color options

We know that not every user likes modest pants with limited colors; therefore, Survival Tactical Gear pants with knee pads can best fit their demand with numerous color options. Consequently, different sizes can be accessed, so you have plenty of options. Many other camo options are available, such as black, Multicam, coyote brown, ranger green, and Typhon camo. 


These pants’ butt, knee, and leg areas use 1000D layered technology so that you will get extra reliability. For convenience, the fly area also includes a YKK zipper. Another rudimentary feature is breathability that enables the user to wear it for too long, even in summer. 

On the pants, you will find 14 different pockets, making it effortless for you to hold additional items effectively and conveniently. So do not be panicked if you have these all features in a single piece of cloth. 


  • Holds pants around the waist with an easy-to-use Velcro system.
  • Dry quickly when wet.
  • Materials include nylon and cotton.
  • Knee pads can be customized in terms of color.


  • It can be challenging to move around in pants.

Paintball Equipment Tactical Emerson Combat Gen2 Pants - black pants

Many people these days have trouble finding the best paintball pants according to their height. Nevertheless, you can use the Elite Tribe pants sizing chart to determine your correct size with this brand. Talking about the materials, you will notice a mixture of cotton and polyester, making it comfortable, heavy-duty, suitable for withstanding any tough challenge, and tear-resistant when you crawl on various surfaces. 


Another feature you will love is the number of pockets present all around the pants. These paintball pants will allow you to store various supplies without making you feel overweight. 

Whenever you wear the Elite Tribe knee pads, they are comfortable and lightweight. They are a worthwhile purchase.



  • Additional uses include airsoft and outdoor activities.
  • A range of sizes is available.
  • Suitable for outdoor locations.
  • Lighter than some other pants.


  • Belts are only two inches wide.
  • Difficult to insert the knee pads.

Thorough guide for buyers. ​

This buying guide will get you to know everything you must know before picking the best paintball pants. 

Cushions for protection.

Pads protect the player from paintball ammo, similar to thicker material safeguarding the skin from injuries. Therefore, high-quality padding with suitable thickness will save players from attacks, thus avoiding potential wounds or harm to the legs, ankles, and other lower body parts. Similarly, for the knee, upper thigh, and other lower body parts, paintball pants with protection at all the right places are a smart option. 

Selecting the suitable materials for pants. 

Many paintball pants manufacturers have designed and produced different pants with varied materials making them sturdier. 

Additionally, paintball suits should be made from durable materials that prevent the pants from tearing when you snag a branch or crawl on a stony terrace. However, materials should not be that tough that you cannot move your legs properly, so make sure that they are flexible with extra durability. 

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If people wear paintball pants for long sessions, pick a pair made from breathable fabric to keep you comfortable. You may even want to choose a team assembled from rubber under the legs in hotter weather. 

Pants that are thick enough.

Plenty of players, especially beginners, tend to choose denim as their go-to clothing in their choice of paintball pants because it provides

  • Plenty of protection against stones and the different environment,
  • Their skin should be protected from scrapes and scratches,
  • When they play, make them feel comfortable.

So, as you dive, duck, and crawl through the undergrowth, paintball pants should be equally thick, helping you avoid injury and giving you utmost performance throughout the battle with opponents. 

The pants should fit well.

Paintball pants with adjustable fastenings sit comfortably and secure on the hip for a long time. Subsequently, try to pick pants that can easily adjust to fit comfortably and securely on the hip for a long time. Moreover, it may also prove a better investment in the long run to purchase pants that are easy to put on, fasten and ultimately remove.

Prints and patterns.

Pants come in many different designs and patterns, and everyone wants to choose one that suits their taste. We recommend choosing camouflage pants with neutral colors and motifs when playing outdoor games. When playing in harsh environments, avoid picking out bold colors or prints. 

Price of best paintball pants.

Considering the price of something is essential to everyone. Regardless of how much money buyers have, they must get a good deal. On the other hand, customers also want something worth paying for. 

Finding a good deal begins with creating a budget for yourself. Once you find what you can afford, picking the best paintball pants would be pretty straightforward.


Having gathered all the information about the most effective paintball pants you should know before purchasing them, it would be easier to select one. 

The items we illustrated above offer more protection compared to other traditional pants. 

If you are looking for paintball pants, you should try one of these. They are all adjustable so that you can find the right fit.