Can you shoot a paintball gun without a barrel? learn here.

shoot paintball gun without barrel

Can you shoot a paintball gun without a barrel?  The answer is very simple! Let me explain.

Firing a paintball gun without a barrel is just like wishing to pass exams with high grades without hard work! Can you take a good position without hard work? Absolutely, your answer will be NO.

Yes! This is the same case with the paintball game. No problem, you can fire but cannot win the game. If you want to win the game, you must have to use a paintball barrel.


However, for just recreation, you can use the paintball gun for shooting. But remember, It can never work in the field. Now, it is totally up to you whether you want to win the game or just want to play the game.

The barrel is the most important part of the gun! If you want to know How it works? Just read on.


Importance of the barrel:

Yes! For winning the battle, it is more important to fire properly. Properly means fire with,

Great accuracy

Good speed

Have command over the shot

Why a barrel is significant?

Barrels with porting (openings), just as with the size of 12 inches (30.48 cm) or more prominent than 12 inches (30.48 cm), increment the effectiveness of shooting. With this, you can shoot the focused point with extraordinary exactness. Furthermore, such barrels fire the paintball weapon with a low speed which is imperative to hit the focused region securely without bringing about any danger. And,

Porting likewise settles the balls from flying mistakenly

You can say :

A barrel gives the way to the paintballs, where to be shot accurately.


A paintball firearm without a barrel makes numerous issues. Allow me to clarify,

Issues of firing paintball weapon without barrel:

Loss of control over the shot:

On the off chance that you are shooting paintball weapons without a barrel, you can never have an excessive amount of command over the shots. Henceforth, balls will be terminated around here and there haphazardly and can make injury the people where these will strike. Just you can say discharging paintball firearms without barrel will lose proficiency.

No definite direction:

Additionally, firing a paintball gun without a barrel may speed up. It is ideal, however, what does make a difference, your control, so paintball with fast and no positive direction will be harmful.

In simple words:

Shooting THE PAINTBALL GUN WITHOUT A BARREL WILL BE, INCORRECT, AND BAD. Or on the other hand, a barrel joined to the paintball firearm is important for good efficiency, firing pace, and distance too.

How the barrel impacts efficiency?

The barrel’s length, porting, and caliber do a significant job to make you a winner.

In simple words :


  • Or barrel attached to the paintball gun is very important for accuracy, shooting speed, and distance as well.

How the barrel impacts accuracy?

Barrel’s length, porting and caliber play an important role to be a winner.

Length of the barrel:

Yes! It is correct that the Length of the barrel plays an important role in shooting the paintballs with great accuracy. Most people purchase a barrel that has a larger length. Because they think the longer barrel will shoot more as compared to the barrel with a smaller one. But really it does not make difference in how much it shoots further.

Recommended barrel size:

Recommended barrel size is twelve inches or greater than twelve inches. Never use a barrel that has a length smaller than twelve inches if you want accuracy.


Many people think that quality is important. Yes! Quality is important but before purchasing the paintball barrel make sure it has to port.

What is porting?

Small holes that are drilled on the barrel are known as porting.

Why porting is important?

Porting plays an important role in stabilizing the air-gas that is traveling behind the ball. When the ball is fired, you have to see the big explosion of gas behind the ball. So, this gas spread in all direction and does not allow the ball to travel evenly in the straight path.

How does porting work?

Porting on the tip of the barrel does not allow the gas to be burst at once rather all the energy is used to enhance the velocity of the ball by allowing gas to be escaped gradually from the barrel.


Moreover, the more the porting on the tip of the barrel, the lesser will be the noise that is produced at the moment when you shot the ball.


The next major point that you should keep in mind is the caliber of the paintballs. It should not be too small that balls come down under the force of gravity nor should be too large that you have applied too much force to push them.

Since these balls come in different sizes so, you must be aware of their caliber. What to do? Just go in the field where you want to play and ask his companions what caliber they are using. Then use that as well. Otherwise, you may simply put your strategy. I mean take paintballs and put them in a barrel, it should be not too small that it can easily be inserted nor too big to be forced to insert them.


I believe in the wake of reading this article you will have a bit of extraordinary information about,

  • Can you shoot a paintball gun without a barrel?
  • What will occur or what are the issues you may confront while not using the barrel?
  • What’s more, significantly, you will become familiar with the significance of barrel for accuracy.

You can discharge a paintball gun without a barrel on the off chance that you would prefer not to win. That is to say, in the event that you want to rehearse or simply need to make the most of your time it will function admirably. In any case, it can never work on the off chance that you dominate the match.

My suggestions:

I will suggest you, utilize the barrel for precision. Also, if you need to make the most of your time you can shoot without a barrel however make sure not to hit somebody since it will make harm the body.

Firearms having no barrels radically impact the efficiency, speed, and distance.

While shots discharged with a paintball firearm having barrels will expand the accuracy, speed, and distance.