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How to clean a paintball gun

People always search for methods to clean a paintball gun. Proper cleaning of a paintball gun holds great significance in the smooth functioning of it in the field. Taking care of your gun and keeping it maintained is mandatory.

Proper care and frequent cleaning can increase the life of the gun. It may save a lot of money since you will no longer need new equipment and parts of the gun.


It is advisable to clean your paintball marker without delay. Longer intervals in cleaning may affect the gun’s performance, and parts will become prone to breakage. The paint can get stuck inside the barrel and will give you a tough time cleaning.

You can easily clean your gun by following some simple steps. These steps are gathered and listed down altogether for your ease. Just follow each one of them and take care of your gun.


how to disassemble a paintball gun

Step # 1: Remove the CO2 or Air Tank

Almost every gun retailed in the market has this degas function. The very first step towards cleaning paintball gun is taking off the Air tank and separating it from the gun. This is the foremost step because safety comes first.

If you decide not to degas the gun and start cleaning directly, this can be more dangerous than you think. It can result in a blast and can be harmful to you and the ones around you. So make sure to remove the air tank before you start cleaning correctly.


Step # 2: Disassemble your gun

A paintball gun is made up of different parts, including a hopper, barrel, grip, bolt, etc. You need to disassemble the gun by separating all these parts before cleaning.

Make sure you put all the parts in the correct order to assemble them later again correctly. Sometimes the disassembling is very easy, but one can get confused while reassembling. Be very careful while separating the parts.

how-to-clean-the-barrel of paintball gun

Step # 3: Clean the barrel

Now the critical step is to clean the barrel. The purpose is to make it free from any noxious elements and pollution. You should clean every bit of the barrel with a good paintball barrel cleaner and ensure that there are no tiny particles of chaff left.

It is advisable first to rinse off the barrel and get rid of all waste. Afterward, you can use a paintball squeegee or a little sponge to attract all the tiny bits of dirt. After this step, the barrel will become as clean as new.


Step # 4: Clean the body

Sometimes the paint gets stuck to the body and can result in jamming of the gun. To prevent this jamming, you should clean the body of your gun often. You can use any sleek and thin brush, which can reach the tiny compartments in the gun.

Make sure you clean every bit of the gun, and no part is left dirty. Don’t forget to read the instructions first. Sometimes it is not preferable to rinse guns. This can distort their performance.

paintball Bolt-and-Hammer

Step # 5: Clean the bolt and hammer

Now use a dry towel to clean the bolt and hammer. After cleaning, you should polish the parts evenly and should let them dry. Later you should check the condition of O rings and replace them if necessary.

paintball marker Bolt-and-Hammer

Step # 6: Cleaning the grip frame

Step number 6 is to clean the grip frame; for this, you can use cotton buds. This can reach the dirt easily. Secondly, clean the trigger assembly carefully, but I would advise you not to disassemble it.

The trigger part contains small components that can be lost or broken down quickly, so try to clean it without disassembling. Just sweep through the parts that are easily accessible.


marker replacement of batteries

Step # 7: Checking and replacement of batteries

Another critical step is to change the batteries after some weeks. Electronic paintball guns are operated with batteries. They won’t be able to perform in the field if batteries are weak or worn out.

Make sure to replace the batteries with new ones so that your gun can perform smoothly in the field.


paintball gun inspection

Step # 8: Inspect the paintball gun for damages

It would be best if you were very conscientious while inspecting for the damages in the paintball gun. If you neglect minor damages, this can distort the proper functioning of your gun.

Some parts of the paintball gun are prone to damage, as the O rings. These worn out quickly and should be replaced in time. If they become unable to cover the CO2, then you should place them even or adequately replace them if needed.


Step # 9: Oil and lubricate the paintball Gun

After cleaning all the debris and impurities, you should adequately lubricate your gun. For this purpose, you should choose the specific oil made particularly for paintball guns.

It is not advisable to use any other oil for lubrication. The O rings should also be drenched with oil. If the O rings dry up during the game, they can harm the gun’s functionality.


how-to-put-everything-on paintball gun back-together

Step # 10: put back the gun together

Now every part of your gun is clean and free from contamination. The next step is to assemble all the parts again. Be very careful while assembling the gun. Fix the gun properly and handle it delicately. Once your gun is fixed, too, you are ready for the field.


How to take care of your gun regularly?

To take proper care of your gun, you have to clean the gun occasionally, following all the steps. You should also take care of the outer frame of the gun. You can polish the gun regularly and replace the worn-out parts.

After every game, you should keep the gun in the kit properly and handle it with care. Store the gun incorrect assigned place and make sure it’s safe. Do not forget the grip of the gun. Sanitize and clean it properly as this part gets the most dirt and paintball residue.

paintball Gun-storage

Gun storage essentials

Below are some gun storage essentials

  • Make sure your gun is unloaded in storage.
  • Degas the gun while storing.
  • Pull the trigger out before storing.
  • Make sure the gun is safe in storage.
  • Properly lubricate the gun.
  • Always keep your gun locked when it’s not in use.
  • Store your air tank and gun separately.



How often to clean your paintball gun?

You should clean your gun immediately after every game. Procrastination might result in damage to parts and reducing the life of the gun. Moreover, it becomes harder to clean once the paintball residue gets stuck on the gun.

However, disassembling the gun frequently can damage the parts. You are advised to disassemble the gun after weeks and before the next game. Clean the outer body frame regularly but clean the inside components with gaps in between.

Final verdict

Persistent cleaning of paintball guns can be challenging, but you should make it a habit. Just make sure to follow the steps discussed above, and the work will get a lot easier.

Do not delay in cleaning your gun. Increase the paintball gun’s lifespan just by regular maintenance and proper cleaning.