Empire E-Flex Review Best Paintball Mask 2023

Every paintball protective gear is crucial for players, but you shouldn’t have to rely on simple products when it comes to the most sensitive parts of bodies such as eyes, nose, and other head parts. Keeping in mind the needs of people, I have brought a well-researched review of Empire E-Flex, a perfect mask with desired protection.

Here are some masks, The Proflex masks have better breathability than nearly any other mask on the market, and the EVents have a great lens that works well and looks great. Additionally, the E-Flex masks have great advantages that you will know after reading the review we are going to tell.

Let’s not waste our further time and directly get into the review of the product to know what exactly it is and what it provides.

The Empire E-Flex has the following Features:​

We know you people are excited to know about the distinct aspects of this highly recommended paintball mask. Therefore, below are some features, I will explain each:

Empire E-flex
Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System

Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System


  • Improved Breathability
  • Lighter Weight

The Proflex masks have better breathability than nearly any other mask on the market, and the EVents have a great lens that works well and looks great. Additionally, the E-Flex masks have great advantages that you will know after reading the review we are going to tell.

Clear Visibility

Paintball is the game of continuous movement and locating the opponents clearly through bushes, obstacles, and much more. Therefore, everything should be clear to you, so a clear vision allows you to win the game easily. 

Overall, we suggest. Visibility is also crucial to safety in a forest since slipping can seriously injure you if you can’t see where you’re going.

Airy and Highly Breathable

People change many masks but always say that they cannot find the perfect gear. I do plenty of research about sports equipment, but I take one step ahead when it comes to paintball gears. I found that most buyers prefer cost-effective products with poor built-in quality, making themselves disappointed after some use.

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So why more confusion, The E-Flex by Empire is a great mask with high ventilation that keeps the face fresh while letting out the air through its breathable pores. 

With this mask, you will find ample ventilation; breathing was just as easy as if I weren’t wearing a mask at all.

Easily Removable Lenses

My favorite feature about the E-Flex mask is that the lenses can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. 

Lenses are attached to the masks so that they will not become damaged or broken when removed. 

You might wonder whether or not to make masks for others to remove lenses. Now don’t go here and there; if you have E-Flex, it will only take half a minute to take out the lenses. 

But something, I have removed the lens, but how to install it again, follow the below steps to know: 

  1. It is necessary to lift both the left and right tabs on the inside of the left ear to remove the lens from the E-Flex. 
  2. In addition to the words LIFT at the top, there will be an L or R at the bottom of each tab.
  3. To remove the other two plastic pieces holding the ear covers together, pull out both of the tabs on the ear covers.
  4. You can now remove the lens from the mask after removing both plastic tabs that attach the ear covers to it. 
  5. The whole process takes 30 seconds. 
  6. The same process can be reversed to fix these removed parts.
  7. Now you are done. 

Mouthguard with a Flexible Design

Do you want a facemask with a flexible mouthguard? Then Empire E-Flex is for you people.

Because even though most players like the rubber mouthguard due to its ability to promote bounces, I enjoy how it can help me get my eyes closer to the scope or sights through the flexibility of the mouthguard. 

Straps and Chinstraps of the Highest Quality

As a paintballer, you have to wear masks but have you noticed the straps that make your eyes itch? If you go with E-Flex, you will be able to solve this problem, and at the same time, the straps do what they are supposed to. Despite being quite conventional, the goggle strap secures the goggles on your head without moving around.

Furthermore, the chinstrap has an extra soft padding that doesn’t irritate the skin around the chin, and it fits comfortably. Additionally, taking it off when you aren’t using it is stress-free. 

Comfortable to Wear

There are still many people in the world that do not know how to put on masks within seconds to just get ready in no time. Aside from the fact that it is very comfortable on the ears, the mask easily fits all parts of the face as well. On top of all the features mentioned above, wearing this suit for a long period of time is extremely comfortable. 

Apart from its features, there may be some good and bad aspects of the paintball masks as well which I will explain below.

  • Comfortable to wear and tear.
  • Highly breathable without making sweat. 
  • You can remove and fix the lenses in just seconds.  
  • It is great for bouncing and shooting down sights. 
  • A larger view is provided.
  • The materials are sturdy.
  • A fog-resistant lens is included.
  • Nearly weightless
  • an improvement over an already high performing model
  • Too few colour options
  • are likely to disappear soon
  • because the nose of the mask obstructs vision 
  • A shot to the mouthguard can leave you with a taste of pain 

Final Thoughts

I am quite confident after reading all the facts and details about Empire E-Flex masks, that you will enjoy and appreciate my work because I have told you all the possible features and details. 

But don’t go; let me point out one negative thing about this paintball gear; it gets in the way of your vision a little bit when wearing the Empire E-Flex mask since your nose will block your view for a little bit.

If you look at it in the overall picture, ignore this one issue because it is equipped with all the qualities you need. 

In case you still do not understand what I am trying to tell you, I would suggest that you read the entire article again and not rush through it.