How to play paintball like a pro – Paintball 101 Guide


This article is a guide for all those who wonder how to play paintball like a pro. Sports, like paintball, require a lot of dedication and commitment. This is a team-based sport, and each player has to perform remarkably well on the field to ace it.

There is always a first time. We will ensure you have all the essential knowledge and equipment to learn paintball in this paintball 101 guide before diving right into the field. This sport has some rules and regulations involved in the safety of its players.


One needs to have all the necessary paintball equipment and protective gear first to enter the battlefield. Paintball is not just a sport, but it is a whole experience that one can never forget.

best paintball-gloves

How to play paintball Gear up – Pro Paintball tips Paintball gun

The first thing you need to have before leaving for the battlefield is the paintball gun. There is a wide range of paintball guns and markers available in the market. At a beginner level, you can buy anything between $100-150. Moreover, professionals should invest around $500 into a more professional gun.

You should preferably buy a gun wisely that fulfills your needs. Furthermore, you should know how to maintain and operate the gun properly, which you plan to carry.

best paintball Head-Protection

Safety Mask

A safety mask and headgear is another essential for paintballing. You need protection for your face and forehead. To ensure safe and secure gameplay, you should buy a good quality face mask.

Although you can borrow it for a nominal rent, it is best to buy a mask of your own. You should select the mask that perfectly fits you and is durable. Today these masks are retailed in various designs and colors.


Get some paint

The name paintball itself indicates the need for paints. Paint is retailed in the form of small paintballs of different sizes to fit in different guns. This paint is non-toxic and is available in various vibrant colors.

It is mostly a water-soluble dye, and each team is offered different colored paintballs. This helps them monitor their game and to get an accurate evident result. These paintballs can be bought according to one’s personal preference.

Other safety gear

You might also want to protect your skin from paintball hits. These paintballs may cause itchiness and discomfort. For the protection of your hands, you may wear thick gloves of non-slippery material.

Thick clothing is preferable with full sleeves and long length trousers or pants. You may also need a headgear or a durable helmet.

How to start playing paintball?

1- Communicate with your teammates

The key to success and the foremost step, while paintballing is communicating with your teammates. By effective communication, you can coordinate better and plan strategies.

In this way, your team can give their best. You can make amazing moves without the other side having any idea about your next step.

2- Keep moving

Next, you need to keep moving. Plan another strategy just after the first one. Keep track of your moves and plan your every step there and then. You should strategically move on the battlefield and just not roam around haphazardly.

Stay with your team, help your teammates, and support each other. Good teamwork is essential while playing paintball.

3- Gain intel and act accordingly

You should always keep track of your opponent’s movements and pattern of playing. In this way, you can have the edge over them. Plan your moves accordingly and try to get familiar with the battlefield before the game.

You should first gain intel and then act according to that. Do not shoot unnecessarily instead of monitor smartly.

4- Establish boundaries for paintball games and rules

Team boundaries and rules should be set before the game. This will help the players throughout the game and will work in their favor. The total pitch should be divided into sections and subsections.

Boundaries and limits should be set according to the size of the pitch and the number of team members in each team. All the team members should have one stance on these boundaries and game rules.

5- Know your game objective

Game objectives about how to play paintball should be set at the beginning of the game. Every teammate should be well aware of the objective and should work in favor of these objectives.

If there is no proper clear objective, then it becomes difficult to coordinate and win eventually. So set the objective wisely and work to make it achievable throughout the game.

6- Play paintball by the local rules

Every paintball facility associates some rules and regulations with the game. These rules are set for the player’s safety. The rules may vary from place to place. Make sure all the team members know all the rules and follow each one of them.

These include several shooting rules and equipment rules. All the players must follow these rules, or else they won’t be allowed to play further. Not following the rules may lead to you and your team’s failure.

7- Be vigilant

You should be extremely attentive while playing. Keep spare equipment and their parts for unforeseen events. You should keep track of your rivals as well as yourself.

Your equipment should be compatible with the game and up to date. To win the game, you should play strategically making wise moves.


8- Coverage and stealth

You should carefully protect yourself without distorting your visual ability. In some cases, you miss excellent opportunities to hit trying to save yourself. Make sure you do not block your vision, embracing a simple mistake.

9- Victory in the game

Try to inform the teammates immediately about the victory of the team. You should continue wearing your protective gear until the game is officially over an announcement is made.

You may leave the battlefield once the game is over or may start another round depending upon your game.

Safety rules

The most common paintball safety rules are stated below

  • Never remove your facemask on the ground.
  • If the paintball leaves a stain on you, the referee will acknowledge, and you have to walk off the battlefield.
  • You cannot shoot the rival if he is inside the boundary set for minimum distance.
  • Once you are out of the game, you need to call out yourself with honesty.
  • You are not allowed to wipe off the stain after getting hit by a paintball; otherwise, you will get a penalty.

Final verdict

These are all the standard equipment, rules, and steps about how to play paintball like a pro. Other rules may vary. You should always acknowledge the rules and fulfill them on the field. Make sure you are protected and fully equipped before starting the game. Good luck!