Is Paintball Safe for Kids?

Do you know Is paintball safe for kids? This is a common concern among most parents who want to purchase paintball gear for their children. So, according to our comprehensive research and our own experience, we found that it is incredibly safe compared to other outdoor games such as football, cricket, etc. 

One of our members has kids who wish to play a paintball game but unfortunately didn’t know about it. However, he went through many trials and finally came to a conclusion, which he will share with you people in this article. However, before going deep into the paper, here are some stats that describe the issue clearly.

Statistics Regarding Paintball Injuries

Paintball is one of the safest games for children, with 45 injuries occurring in about 100,000 people due to falling and slipping when running. 

Let your children be paintballers to enjoy the game. Don’t you think it is safer than football or other outdoor fun? If you do, then why think more?

Are all Types of Paintball versions applicable for kids?

Well, many parents get confused about the different versions of paintball. Still, I prefer low-impact paintball for younger children, which I did for my kids because there is a significant difference between this type of paintball and regular paintball. It uses smaller 50-calibre size paintballs instead of the more giant 68-calibre paintballs used by standard paintballs.

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Most importantly, your kids will expect to have 68% less force applied by using a much smaller-sized paintball than a regular-sized 68 calibre paintball. This force even allows kids of 9 years to play paintball conveniently without fear of getting injured. 

Overall, I don’t want to slander 68-calibre paintballs; however, I aim to clarify that low-impact paintball is just a perfect option for kids.

The Effects of Paintballs on the Body

Although it is the safest game, your child can still suffer injury if you fail to take safety precautions. For instance, let’s share my own experience with you so that it would be pretty straightforward for you people. A spring-powered paintball hit my 8-year-old son, and he felt like he was hit by a snowball but did not injure himself, while compressed air paintball did make the other one feel a little uncomfortable.

The incidents were so slim that they were almost insignificant, so I suggest parents purchase safety gear for their kids so that they can play fearlessly.

Listed below are the rules for Paintballing

Taking my kids’ health into consideration is one step forward because I am focused and don’t make decisions without research.

After researching for months, the information below is what I gathered, so it should be enough information for parents to decide what to do about their kids’ paintball careers.

  1. I suggest every parent force their kids to keep the masks on at all times during a paintball game. It’s imperative to keep masks on throughout the match to prevent eye injuries, blindness, or facial wounds. 
  2. Your kid can let everyone know they don’t want to play anymore by raising their hands and shouting “HIT” if they are exhausted or don’t want to play anymore.
  3. Barrels must always remain covered when off the field to save yourself from accidental shots.
  4. It would be wise for them to avoid jumping frequently or unwantedly over things; they will most likely fall if they do so.
  5. Since kids don’t care how to shoot, parents need to tell them to look where they hit.
  6. One last point is that most kids do not listen carefully to referees; my kids also did it, which I told them to stop since it is the most prominent rule of paintball.  

In addition to these six rules, there are many others, but after conducting my research and implementation, I believe that the above six rules could make a huge difference for kids. However, parents should also ensure that their children know about these rules and regulations.

What types of Paintball guns cause injuries?

Guns are the lifeblood of the paintball game. Without a gun, you cannot even defeat your opponent in the paintball game. Various types of guns are available, such as Compressed powered paintballs and Spring-powered paintballs, each with its characteristics.

The people I met in my life asked what type of paintball gun causes bruising, and I replied that compressed powered paintball guns do, but the other type I mentioned above does not.

Do kids have a safe way to play Paintball?

There are always some risks involved with the Paintball game. However, I have done the same for my kids in providing them with the best equipment, which reduces some of those risks. 

Below are some ways that will help them play safely. 

  1. Try to get your kids to go to paintball fields with you so that they can get in touch with other players and interact with people. Ask them about various aspects of the sport.
  2. It would be best to make sure paintball guns intended for children are suitable for their age group. This means they should not be too powerful or too high a caliber to cause serious injury.
  3. It is a good idea to test the football gun yourself before giving it to your kids; I did the same, and it helped.
  4. Buy high-quality paintball masks, vests, helmets, hoppers, tough clothes, and much more. 
  5. Ensure your kids’ safety by not letting them shoot other people from very close distances, as well as by not allowing others to do the same. 


Knowing how close kids are, I know we all make sure they are safe wherever they go. Therefore, I know other parents who constantly worry about their kids’ paintballing games. In fact, I explained to them every aspect of safety related to paintball so that I am confident you will not have any concerns about letting your kids play paintball because I spoke about all these things thoroughly after my own experiences in the game.

It is generally considered a safe game, as long as precautions are taken.