How to Make Your Paintball Gun Quieter

Is your paintball marker exhausting you because of the noise it makes? Is it something that you would like to make quieter? What are the steps you will take to do so? It seems to me that you want to make it quieter, but I’m not quite sure how to do that. For that reason, let me clarify for you that it is possible, and if you stick with us, everything will be apparent to you.

While conducting my research, I have been speaking with many paintballers. The answer I found varied between them; some said to get a longer barrel; however, some even suggested lowering the output pressure of the gun. Hence it would not be evident to you; therefore, I made a straightforward guide by gathering all the relevant information.

Make Your Paintball Gun Quieter

Let me first tell you a few things about the dangerous aspects of loud noise before going into the actual topic. Loud noises can seriously damage the inner ear (cochlea) seriously. If you are exposed to thunderous sounds once or listen to very loud sounds for an extended period, you can develop hearing loss. Loud noise can damage the membranes and cells in the cochlea and cause damage to these structures. Even after the noise has stopped being exposed, the harmful effects may still be felt.

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Without getting sucked into the rabbit’s hole, why not just sink a little deeper into the topic below instead:

Lengthier barrels with extra Porting

In order to make your paintball guns more quiet, you can do a number of things to do so, the most important is to get barrels that are longer and contain additional venting. If you are using a paintball marker with a longer barrel, then you do not have to care about it. For that reason, I’ve kept it at the top of the list. 

But you might have noticed whether barrels are more critical or portings? A longer barrel does help dampen the sound of your paintball gun just a little bit, but porting plays a much larger part in making it less noisy. Here is one thing I will explain then will hopefully resolve your issue.

Fine Tune Your Settings

I also believe that fine-tuning is necessary; however, I cannot guarantee that it will permanently reduce the sound of paintball markers. The method is worth trying if you intend to minimise the loudness of your paintball gun.

To make your paintball gun quieter, one way you can do this is to adjust the power of your marker and increase the duration of the blast. If you are going to try this, make sure you do your analysis to determine if it is appropriate for your paintball gun, as it only works on a few.

Invest in Bolt Upgrades

You can also reduce sound by replacing the bolt in your paintball gun. The replacement bolt kits for paintball guns are not used on all markers, although, if so, they may contribute to limiting noise and maximising effectiveness.

Change your O-rings

You may notice a difference in the sound of your paintball gun if you replace all of the O-rings on your paintball gun. Wear and tear on the o-rings of an older marker could cause them to offer a poor seal compared to a new o-ring, which could allow a small amount of air to leak through, which could increase the level of noise your marker makes.

Match paintballs to your gun's bore size

If the bore size of your paintballs is smaller than the bore size of the barrel, you can expect a slightly louder sound to be produced. 

There may be an excess of air blowing around the paintball within the barrel, causing this extra noise. In contrast, if the paintball bore were the same size or nearly the same size as your barrel, the paintball would move less air.

There won’t be a significant difference in noise dampening by simply fitting your paintballs to your barrel, but if you didn’t do it before, it could have an impact.

Paintball Gun Quietness Myths

I learned a lot throughout my research, but I came across a few misconceptions that people propagate online and via other media platforms. Paintball players are often given false information about making their guns quieter. 

You’ll often hear the following two falsehoods.

Make use of a carbon fiber barrel:

Even though I am not a professional paintball player, my research and discussions with other pros have made me aware that modern paintball guns made of aluminum are far quieter than carbon fiber. 

Today’s quietest paintball barrels are made from aluminum, stainless steel, and sometimes brass, rather than carbon fiber, as I mentioned.

Bolts should be fitted with a rubber or cotton pad:

Most paintballers used to add a thin cotton or rubber pad to the end of the bolt of their paintball guns in the past to reduce the shock of the bolt.

This is a bad idea and should be rejected without hesitation. It is never recommended to alter the internal parts of your paintball gun, as you can damage your marker easily and possibly make it noisier.

Finally, a few closing remarks:

As a result of this discussion, we have reached the end of our discussion on how to make your paintball guns quieter. The fact that you don’t want your paintball marker to make noise is why you want to make sure you follow every possible way to do so, and luckily I have given you all the information you need here. 

Among several possible solutions, my recommendation would be to get a gun with a longer barrel; that way, you could potentially get the exact result you desire. As opposed to what you might think, some players do not wish to add anything extra to their paintball gun, so they go to the market and buy a newer one that doesn’t make any sound. 

In general, it all depends on your personal choice.