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Hey readers! If you are a beginner in a paintball game, the first thing you have to do is select your primary gun. Before taking any decision, have a look at the Tippmann A5 review, it will help you to spend in the right pool.

There are a lot of options available in the market. We are going to review the most preferred and best gun, Tippmann A5. Tippmann is a well-known company in the market. It is known for its best quality products, and its products are more durable than its competitors.

Tippmann A5 review

This Tippmann A5 marker is intended to meet the ever-changing desires of paintball players. Its claims of improved features are the finest than some of the other Tippmann guns in the market.


  • It has 8.5 inches long barrel.
  • Tippmann A5’s cyclone air mechanism can feed up to 15 balls per second (BPS).
  • This can fire eight balls per second with five different modes.
  • Larger front grasp for stable shelling.
  • Calm to gather or disassemble
  • It is easy to customize or updating according to one specification.
  • Shock absorbers at its end cap to reduce wear, tear, and recoil
  • It has a 200 paintball capacity of the hopper that allows a player to stay in-game for long.
  • Black gas line for boost field stealth and durability.
  • It came along with a 2-year warranty card.


  • Its weight is about 3.1 pounds
  • Hopper tank capacity is 200 rounds
  • It fires 15 balls per second feeding fare and eight balls per second firing fare.
  • Its firing range is 150 feet.


Tippmann A5 pros and cons

Nothing is perfect in this world, and the same thing applies here. Every Marker available on the market has pros and cons. Therefore, Tippmann A5 also have some pros and cons.
  • User-friendly product.
  • It is an up to the dated and customizable branded gun.
  • Maintenance and cleaning is also straightforward.
  • Its barrel is work like a silencer as it reduced shooting noise.
  • Rigid barrel/ non-customizable
  • It is not compatible with other companies’ paintballs
why buy a Tippmann A5 marker

Build Quality

Tippmann A5 also has a high-quality build. Many players use this gun as their primary gun and review it as it lasts for several years.

Its body is built with a solid metal frame and higher quality plastic. But you do not have to worry about plastic because its durability is tested before introducing in the market. Their durability is a crucial attribute that many players select Timmpann A5 on the paintball field.


It comes up with a very moderate weight, neither is feel too heavy and nor too light. Besides, the gun’s surface is of high quality, that it can easily fool anyone as it feels like a real gun. This gives you a fascinating experiment.


Cyclone Feeding System of Tippman A5

Tippmann’s key feature, which is outstanding in the market place compared to its competitors, is its Cyclone feeding system. This unique quality of feed mechanism can tie the air structure to the feeder sprocket wheel.

In that way, it has enough power to release a plethora of paintballs as fast as possible when you hit the trigger to fire them.

how to disassemble Tippmann A5 paintball marker

Tippmann A5 Disassembly and Reassembly

Another impressive key feature of the Tippmann A5 is it is quickly assembling and disassembling attribute. For this, you do not have to learn any specific skills and tools. It allows you to do it during your game compared to another gun, which takes a long time for their assessment.

This quality makes it attractive to beginners and proficient both. The average paintball marker takes almost 3 to 4 mint to assemble, but when Tippmann is designing this model, focusing on its assembling should be done within a minute.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The marker structure is straightforward so that its assembling and disassembling is got easy along with its cleaning. All you have to do is to detach the parts wipe them, and reattach them. It can work with even minimal cleanness.

As its quality is much appreciated, so it required significantly less maintenance because it is not prone to cracking. Suppose any replacement is essential, so its accessories are easily available in the market. In short, maintenance and cleaning are easy.

Tippmann A5 Additional Features

Many beginners and professional players give their Tippmann A5 review high speed, and smooth shooting is awe-inspiring. They believe in the shoot that every penny spending on this brand is worth paying.

It has sling shaped front, which makes it unique and mobility. This has the E grip switch with five unique firing modes and a sensor fitted with three separate sessions.

Shooting experience

This paintball gun has semi-automatic shooting actions with a shelling capacity of 15 Balls per second. It has super smooth shooting speeds and improved validity, enhanced mainly by the more extensive front grip.

A player has the option to fire on single shot or automatic firing mode.

How it feels

The chief consideration is how a player feels when he or she grips a Tippman A5 gun. Many reviews have shown that people are delighted with its grip.

These markers are specially designed to use it quickly and be user friendly and can be adjustable according to the need and demand of a user.


Tippman A5 model is famous as a powerful gun in the market. It gives you an option to fire quickly by hitting the trigger only once.

It shoots about 15 balls per second without using batteries. This Marker is always the best choice for trainers to get it and practice without worrying about the shots.


Overall, in this Tippmann A5 review, the marker is highly appreciable. Your investment will be worth it because it gives you two years of warranty.

If you want a paintball gun that offers a premium level of quality performance and has capabilities of providing optimal performance over the years. In that case, this can be your best bet for your hard-earned money.