Virtue Spire IV Review

Do you want me to tell you about one of the great paintball loaders available? I know you want it; that’s why I have written a detailed Virtue Spire IV review. Furthermore, as far as loaders go, there are gravity-fed loaders, mag-fed loaders, electronic loaders, and the Virtue Spire IV. Each comes with its distinct feature that helps you become a pro paintballer during the battle. But before getting deep into the Review, let’s know what paintball loaders are.

Virtue Spire IV Review

They are essentially hoppers attached to the feed neck of a paintball gun, which allow paintballs to drop into the breech automatically as they drop into the hopper.

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Now I hope you know about loaders, but I will review Virtue Spire IV loaders for you people and what it offers. Keep reading my review to know more.

Virtue Spire IV Review: What's new?

The manufacturers upgraded the Spire IV to support the Virtue Ace wireless platform because of the addition of electronics and feed logic. As a result of the new feeding technology, the loader and gun can function closely together.

Virtue Spire IV
Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System

Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers

  • Dual LED
  • Multiple Colors

This technology makes the gun more diverse and comfortable for shooting consistently.

Attractive look:

If you want an aesthetically pleasing Paintball loader, then don’t think of another loader other than Virtue Spire IV, which comes with various color options and designs.

As well as an improved chromatic trim, and a chromatic paint window (used to determine how many paintballs are inside the loader), giving the game an advantage over its predecessor.

Combined with the chromatic trim and the Virtue logo attached to the side of the Spire 4, that makes it more good looking. Furthermore, thanks to producers who made the stickers quite long-lasting, you won’t have to worry about the sticker detachment from different environmental factors such as heat, being shot, scratched, etc.

Different color options:

In my experience, many paintball loaders have inspired me, but Virtue Spire IV inspires me more since it has more colour options.

These are:

  • Black
  • Brush Camo
  • Graphic Amethyst
  • Graphic Black
  • Graphic Emerald
  • Graphic Fire
  • Graphic Ice

So don’t get worried about colors; select your desired one, and purchase it.

It rarely blocks: (The feed-rate is incredible) I know that consistent shooting during battle will get you to pick; however, it depends upon the type and quality of the loader attached to the paintball marker. Apart from its exaggerated look, I am impressed by its feed rate, which I found better than ever.

Manufacturers have added a Proactive Feeding system, A feed technology that detects when paintballs start vibrating during firing and continues until the stack is complete.

Due to its flexible rubber and smooth surfaces inside, the Virtue Spire IV is ideally suited to handle all types of paintballs, resulting in almost no breakage of paintballs.

The feature doesn’t end here; I like its iFI Wireless Technology that is used to connect the Spire 4 loader to your paintball gun to tell the eyes of the marker when to fire and stop.

But you would be thinking about if your eyes get blocked. Here you should get tensed; everything comes pre-equipped with the Virtue Spire IV because it will then return to the pro-active feeding mode if the eyes are ever turned off or blocked by dirt, paint, etc.

Low-Paint Indicator:

As paintballers are always in a hurry during battle to cope with opponents, they sometimes forget to reload, resulting in losing the match. It even happens with experienced players who have been playing for years.

Don’t worry; Virtue Spire IV has an indicator that lets you know about the time of reloading the gun through an alarm. You can adjust the speaker and LED light to suit your preferences.

Each side of the loader is equipped with an LED light which blinks blue when the loader is complete and red when it needs to be reloaded. We should appreciate the manufacturers who have added these fantastic characteristics to help you fill the gun quickly.

But sometimes, you may get confused by LED lights which will irritate you because you have another option to set the speaker according to your wish.

All this is possible with the Smart Spring Ramp because it senses when the loader is running low on paintballs and requires a reload.

Maintenance is easier than you might expect:

Apart from the features mentioned above, maintenance should be considered by almost every user. However, according to my research, users are most worried about maintenance. They love to play paintball or purchase different, but when it comes to maintenance of parts for cleaning, fixing, or other purposes, they prefer to hire a professional.

After knowing about the Virtue Spire loader, they will do all the maintenance work at home within less time.

Here is what you need to do:

To perform maintenance on the Spire IV, you need to press the black button on the back of the loading platform after which you will have to pull the top and bottom halves apart.

Furthermore, it is convenient to perform Maintenance on the fly with this single-hinged shell. You have to separate it into two pieces such as shell and toolless tray to perform cleaning and other things.

Fits high-end paintball guns

Numerous loaders come that you can only use with distinct paintball guns. You can connect the loader with a marker in many ways, but the most effective and recommended way is to pair it through BlueTooth. Still, you may be unfortunate because this is only applicable with iFI compatible paintball guns.

The iFI Wireless Technology is the only technology available for the Virtue Ace, Planet Eclipse CS2, CS2 Pro, and Luxe X in the market today.

By pairing your iFI-compatible paintball gun with the Spire IV (via Bluetooth), you instantly notice an increase in stoppage performance and even feed rates as soon as the device has been connected.


With all the details I discussed after my thorough research, I’m sure you will find the article about Virtue Spire IV Review interesting and worthwhile to read as the review is close to being completed.

Due to the fact that I put all of my thoughts into writing work, I have done my utmost to satisfy you.