Top 8 Best Paintball Pistols – Beginners To Pro Dream Guns

The best paintball pistols does not only enhance your performance but, it makes you stand out on the field. The level of comfort, design, features, efficiency, and effectiveness together make up the right pick of the bunch. Selecting from various models to choose the best pistol can be frustrating and nerve-racking.

Here, we have compiled a list of the paintball pistols. We aim to get you a step closer to your best pick. Get ready to have a consequential edge and ace your next play.


Best Paintball Pistols

Paintball gunpreviewRating on amazonPrice
GI Sportz Menace .50 CalBest Paintball Pistol⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Umarex T4E TPM1 .43 CaliberBest Paintball Pistol⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Umarex T4E Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 .43Best Paintball Pistol⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Umarex T4E TR50 Revolver .50 Caliber⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
JT Splatmaster z100 .50JT Splatmaster z100 .50 caliber Paintball Pistol⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
HSA Package T4E S&W M&P9 M2 .43calHSA Package T4E S&W M&P9 M2 .43cal Paintball Pistol⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
JT ER4 RTP .68CalJT ER4 RTP .68Cal Paintball Kit⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Umarex T4E Walther PPQ .43Umarex T4E Walther PPQ .43 Caliber Training Paintball Pistol⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
GI Sportz Menace paintball Pistol low price

1- GI Sportz Menace Paintball Pistol

GI Sportz Menace is an incredibly realistic-looking paintball pistol. It is a 0.50 caliber pistol with an amazing composition which makes it exceptionally lightweight.

This ideal weight makes it easy to carry and operate. Its design and composition enhance the efficiency of the field. GI Sportz Menace is the ultimate choice of many players.

Its eye-catching design gives a professional feel along with a great play on the field.

This pistol is famous for its distinctive mag release. Sportz Menace mag keeps the paintballs in release position until you keep pressing the button.

The grip frame of Sportz menace allows you to track the number of paintballs in your magazine. This is a great feature that never lets you go short of paintballs, encouraging a consistent game.

It is a beginner-friendly model. Its commendable performance, as well as easy operation, make it an ideal pick. This pistol is a complete package for players looking for affordability and quality in one. It is a perfect balance of features compactly inculcated in one pistol. Sportz Menace no blowback is also a great feature.

Moreover, the pistol has a 7 round magazine and supports 12 g Co2. The players are bound to carry Co2 cartridges for its operation. This is one drawback as it adds weight.

Players are often reluctant to carry bulky cartridges which affect performance.

Since the pistol has 7 round mag, players might have to carry additional magazines. You can attach the magazines with a utility belt to avoid inconvenience. This is a limiting factor that can hurdle performance if you are playing without the marker.

Below is a list of pros and cons of GI Sportz Menace .50 Cal Paintball Pistol:


  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Incredible design
  • Lightweight
  • High efficiency
  • Beginner-friendly
  • No blowback
  • 7 round magazine
  • Easy handling


  • CO2 tanks will need refills.
  • Players need to carry additional magazines
  • Limitations of sidearm pistol

umarex Paintball pistol top paintball pistol

2- Umarex Paintball Pistol

Umarex T4E TPM1 .43 Caliber is a firm yet lightweight paintball Pistol. It has an amazing design that gives a great feel on the field.

This is a semi-automatic pistol made up of a composition of polymer material and sturdy metal. Umarex T4E is great for anyone who is looking for a durable paintball pistol with an amazing finish.

This model is suitable for training and weighs only around 1.87 pounds. Moreover, it comes with a great trigger and metallic barrel, magazine, and slide.

Magazine of Umarex T4E is capable of holding 0.43 caliber 8 rounds. This pistol efficiently uses CO2 and minimizes waste.

The effective performance and reliability of this paintball pistol take the game to a whole new level. It has a solid, realistic feel to it with amazing features which makes it the ultimate favorite of many players. It is easy to aim and target with Umarex T4E on the field and ace the game.

Umarex T4E will not only level up your skills but will make you stand out in the game.

Some of its pros and cons are as follows:


  • Realistic feel
  • Sturdy design
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient performance
  • Great for training
  • Very reliable
  • Accurate targets


  • Low ammo capacity
  • Long trigger pull
  • Limited blowback

umarex T4E Paintball Pistol where to buy

3- Umarex T4E Smith & Wesson Paintball Pistol

This is an amazing 0 .43 Caliber training paintball Pistol. Umarex T4E Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 .43 Caliber pistol is made up of sturdy metal and polyester material.

It has a very realistic look and efficient performance. Umarex T4E Smith & Wesson is a semi-automatic paintball pistol that weighs around 760 grams.

It has a robust frame and other durable parts, including the barrel, magazine, slide, and slide catch. Umarex T4E Smith & Wesson is a premium quality pistol with the finest finishing.

It is appealing and very easy to operate. This variant is one of the best training pistols available in the market. It provides great value for money since it is budget-friendly and offers great on-field performance.

This paintball pistol has an amazing blowback action. The magazine allows 8 paintball rounds of 0.43 caliber. However, the trigger action of Umarex T4E Smith & Wesson is not that effective.

It has an extra-long trigger pull which does not support full trigger strength. This is one drawback that makes this pistol a little questionable. Other than this, it is a reliable model which offers efficient features at an amazing retail price.

The pros and cons of Umarex T4E Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 .43 Caliber training paintball Pistol is:


  • Sturdy composition
  • Easy to operate
  • Realistic look
  • Efficient performance
  • Amazing finish
  • Safety trigger
  • Semi-automatic firing
  • Lightweight


  • Long trigger pull
  • Limited ammo capacity

umarex T4E TR50 Revolver training paintball pistol

4- Umarex T4E TR50 Revolver paintball pistol

Umarex T4E TR50 Revolver .50 Caliber Training paintball pistol is an impressive double-action revolver.

It has an amazing quality and great reliability on the field. Its durability and effectiveness make it the best choice for many paintball players.

This is a really good option for training and is very user-friendly.

Umarex T4E TR50 Revolver is compatible with 0.50 caliber paintball rounds. It is made up of high-quality polymer and sturdy metallic material.

Despite being robust and having a great finish it only weighs 726 grams. It is convenient to carry this lightweight pistol on-field and have a smooth play.

T4E TR50 Revolver .50 Caliber training paintball pistol comes with five magazines. It has a comparatively high FPS speed than other similar paintball pistols in the market. Although the trigger action of this model might be a little grinding. This variant is not the same as conventional paintball pistols.

It might be difficult to fire accurate shots with Umarex T4E TR50 Revolver. It is advisable to practice a couple of times before going on the field to have a grasp over its operation beforehand.

Following are the pros and cons of the Umarex T4E TR50 revolver .50 caliber training paintball pistol:


  • High quality
  • Fine finishing
  • Robust composition
  • High FPS
  • Comes in five magazines
  • Good value for money


  • Difficult to operate
  • Relatively poor trigger action
  • CO2 tanks will need refills

jt splatmaster z100 paintball pistol affordable price

5- JT Splatmaster z100 Paintball Pistol

JT SplatMaster Z100 is a reliable paintball pistol. It has a spring mechanism that helps to fire with accuracy. This paintball pistol is an affordable option with great quality.

It has a realistic look and it is easy to operate. The good thing is that it facilitates rapid firing with an amazing velocity of 150 feet per second.

Magazine of JT SplatMaster Z100 is capable of holding 7 round paintballs. Moreover, there is no need for CO2 cartridges with this variant.

A one-time investment in JT SplatMaster Z100 will save a lot of operating costs in the future.

This paintball pistol is beginner-friendly. It is not like other pistols with the complex operation, rather it can be operated easily which makes it a favorite of many newbies.

Parts of JT SplatMaster Z100 can be easily ejected whenever there’s a need. You can also replace the parts and modify this pistol.

Furthermore, JT SplatMaster Z100 is famous for its remarkable cocking action which facilitates smooth play. This gun will enhance you’re on-field performance and make you stand out.

Following are some pros and cons of JT Splatmaster z100 .50 caliber Paintball Pistol:


  • High efficiency
  • Amazing cocking action
  • Spring mechanism
  • Beginner-friendly
  • No need to attach CO2 cartridges
  • Has a nice pistol grip


  • No professional features
  • Basic pistol design

hsa paintball pistol kit

6- HSA Package Paintball Pistol

T4E Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2 is another semi-automatic blowback Paintball Pistol. This sidearm has a very realistic look which appeals to most paintballers.

T4E Smith & Wesson M&P9 is capable of improving your gameplay and taking the best of you on the field.

This is a promising paintball pistol. Investing in T4E Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2 HSA package will provide you with both quality and efficiency.

It has a unique CO2 and blowback mechanism which makes it an efficient choice.

Metal components of T4E Smith & Wesson M&P9 make it a suitable option for repeated play. It facilitates smooth play ensuring accuracy while firing. This pistol is made up of sturdy material, yet it is very lightweight and easy to carry.

This package includes a hard storage case, magazine, grips of various sizes, tools for cleaning, and rubber ammunition. All these essentials make this package an ideal deal and provide great value for money.

The pros and cons of HSA Package T4E S&W M&P9 M2 .43cal Paintball Pistol is:


  • Lightweight
  • Realistic design
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with several essentials
  • Very efficient


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Limited ammo capacity

jt er4 RTP Paintball kit best price

7- JT ER4 RTP Paintball Kit

JT ER4 RTP .68Cal Paintball pistol is famous for its reliability and efficiency. This is a 0.68 caliber paintball pistol that enhances your on-field performance to help ace the game. It adds to your skills and helps you to fire with accuracy. It is made up of sturdy composite material which makes it highly durable. JT ER4 RTP is a lightweight paintball pistol.

It is easy to carry and it is comparatively less bulky than most paintball guns. JT ER4 RTP has a smart user-friendly design and it is easy to play with this pistol.

It has a low-profile feed port which makes reloading and loading of ammunition extremely easy. This exceptional model comes with a push-button safety trigger for convenient shooting. JT ER4 RTP .68Cal Paintball pistol is famous for its accuracy.

It has a smart feature of barrel plug which prevents the discharge of paintballs unnecessarily providing smooth gameplay.

The JT ER4 RTP .68Cal Paintball kit exclusively includes essentials like a protective paintball goggle. The protective goggle system allows a clear vision and provides utmost protection to the player. This kit also includes important accessories and a 40 round loader.

The pros and cons of investing in JT ER4 RTP .68Cal Paintball Kit are:


  • efficient performance
  • very reliable
  • durable composition
  • low profile feed
  • safety trigger
  • barrel plug
  • other accessories are included in the kit


  • Difficult to grip the pistol
  • The kit is expensive

umarex t4e walther ppq paintball training pistol

8- Umarex T4E Walther Paintball Pistol

If you’re looking for a good quality yet affordable pistol Umarex T4E Walther PPQ is the best option for you.

This realistic-looking pistol is extremely efficient and user-friendly. It has an amazing grip and aesthetic look.


Umarex T4E Walther PPQ is a lightweight pistol made up of high-end material. It is easy to carry and operate on the field.

This pistol is capable of firing accurate shots, improving your gameplay.

This sidearm needs Co2 cartridges for power. Most of the components of Umarex T4E Walther PPQ are made up of metal which makes it a durable option. Most players prefer this model for its commendable rear sight option which can be adjusted as per your target.

This model is best for beginners and professionals as well. Its smooth operation and lightweight composition make the handling so easy which is a plus for most beginners.

Umarex T4E is an amazing training paintball pistol that provides great value for money. You will get an edge over the players by investing once in this paintball pistol.

Some pros and cons of Umarex T4E Walther PPQ .43 Caliber Training paintball Pistol are:


  • amazing 8 round magazine
  • Lightweight
  • Smart design
  • Metallic composition
  • Durable
  • Great finishing


  • CO2 cartridges will need refills
  • Not a high-impact pistol.

Paintball pistols Buyers Guide

There are a number of different categories of paintball pistols. It can be very daunting to select a pistol that suits you the best. Different pistols have distinct features and all of them are operated differently. The pistols might have unique features and functions. Below is a review of different categories of paintball pistols so that you can choose the best one amongst them.

Pump paintball pistol

These pistols are usually made up of sturdy material which makes them extremely reliable. Pump pistols are famous for their durability. It provides great value for money. The mechanism of pump pistols works in a way that the pump keeps the paintballs ready one after the other for smooth firing. This enhances the gameplay and facilitates accurate firing. Pump paintball pistols have a really basic composition and look to them. It is easy to operate and handle on the field. Unlike the other bulky guns, pump pistols are generally lightweight which makes them suitable to carry on the field.

Automatic paintball pistols

If you’re interested in fast firing then these automatic pistols can prove to be a great pick. These pistols do not require constant trigger action. You just have to press the trigger once and the pistol will keep firing for as long as you hold the trigger. Moreover, a fully automatic pistol act as a ramping pistol. Several different automatic paintball guns are available in the market. Each model has different efficiency and operation. It is advisable to select a pistol according to your needs and requirements. However, fully automatic pistols are not allowed in tournaments. These pistols can cause serious injuries so make sure that your pistol is compatible with the game rules.

Semi-automatic pistols

Semi-automatic paintball pistols are the most commonly used type of paintball gun. These popular pistols are relatively easy to handle. The designs of semi-automatic pistols are generally basic just like simple versions of pistols. These pistols have simple functioning which makes them easy to operate on the field. You can either get yourself a manual semi-automatic pistol or an electro-Pneumatic pistol. There are many budget-friendly options available in this pistol category. These provide great value for money and are suitable for tournaments.

Ramping pistols

Ramping pistols have a circuit to support firing at a gradually increasing rate. This type of pistol is the best pick for players who love fast-firing on the field. Ramping pistols have an amazing firing rate of around 20 paintballs per second. The circuit system does not only supports fast firing but also facilitates a very smooth play.

Some authorities prohibit the use of ramping pistols in tournaments because of the fast fire rate. However, it is a really good choice if you’re not a tournament player. 

It is advisable to consider certain things before selecting a suitable paintball pistol for yourself. Here are some important factors which will assist you to invest in just the right type of pistol.


Different pistols are retailed in the market. Most of them vary in weight and size. Often people mistake heavy guns with good quality pistols. While selecting a pistol you should instead go for the lightest option. A lightweight pistol is easy to carry and handle on the field. Bulky equipment makes it difficult to play and run on the field. This is a very important consideration that you should make before investing in any model of pistols. 


Quality plays a vital role when it comes to paintball pistols. A good quality gun will last you longer and have the capability to enhance your on-field skills.

Most paintball pistols are made up of aluminum, stainless steel, or carbon fiber. All of them vary in weight and price.

The aluminum pistol is relatively cheaper and lightweight. This is a really good option if you are on a budget. Aluminum pistols are generally considered to be good in quality and easy to handle.

On the other hand, stainless steel pistols are extremely durable and reliable. A good stainless steel pistol can last you for years. However, this type of pistol is heavier which makes it difficult to carry.

Lastly, carbon fiber pistols are more towards the expensive side. This type is very durable and lightweight at the same time. The maintenance and cleaning of carbon fiber pistols are also doable. It provides great value for money and is retailed in smart designs. 

Ease to handle

This is another very important thing to consider while buying a paintball pistol. If you’re a beginner you should go for a paintball gun that is easy to handle. This will let you play effectively and efficiently on the field. If the pistol is very difficult to operate and handle then it can have adverse effects on your performance and gameplay. Moreover, the pistol should be easy to disassemble. Convenient disassembling makes it much easier to clean and maintain the gun.


Your budget is by far the most important factor that you should consider. There are both high-end pistol models and budget-friendly options available in the market. You just have to look for a pistol that is affordable and suitable for you at the same time. You might also have to invest in additional paintball gear along with a pistol. So keep your budget in consideration while investing in any paintball pistol.


This article sums all the important information regarding the best paintball pistols, their categories, and important considerations. Now that you are equipped with essential information regarding paintball pistols you can easily select a suitable model for yourself. Just make sure you consider your budget, pistol’s operation, weight, and mechanism while making your final decision. All the pistols discussed in this article vary in specifications and prices. It is advisable to go through the pros and cons of each variant before investing in any paintball pistol.