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This article is all about the best pump paintball guns you can get your hand on. Pump paintball guns operate differently than the rest of paintball guns. It has a pullback handle which is different than that of ordinary guns. We will be discussing the four most refined versions of pump paintball guns. These are very elegant and stylish to look at. This type of Gun is very similar to the traditional paintball markers.

The traditional markers, however, were used to mark things with a dash of paint. These pump guns are specially designed to play paintball on the battlefield. The Gun performs exceptionally well with all the built-in features.Do Check out our Best mag fed paintball guns review.


Top Picks

Cheap Pump Marker
Empire Paintball pump Sniper

  • Low-pressure operation
  • Has a 10 round feed system
  • Lightweight
Best Pump Marker
Azodin KP 3.5 Kaos Pump Paintball Marker

  • Dual pumping rods
  • Clamping feed neck
  • Single trigger frame
Best Value
Azodin KP3 Kaos Pump 3 Marker

  • Quick-release bolt
  • Very quiet functioning
  • Lightweight

If you are unaware of this type of Gun, it’s functioning and wants to learn more about it. This article will indeed serve you as a guide and will add to your knowledge.

Best Pump paintball guns 2022

Pump Paintball GunspreviewRatings Price
Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker – cheap pump paintball gun5
Azodin KP 3.5 Kaos Pump Paintball Marker4.5
Azodin KP II 2011 Kaos4.5
Azodin KP3 Kaos Pump 3 Paintball Marker4.5

1- Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker – cheap pump paintball gun

This Gun is made up of high-quality aluminum material. It has the popular two-piece 14-inch barrel. Empire Paintball Sniper pump marker is made up of a standard frame of 45. It has amazingly designed finger grooves which make it easy to grip.




It has a vertical feed design and a Delrin pump. The pump rods are made up of stainless steel. T- mounted on/off ASA feature is also installed in this Gun.

It performs exceptionally well on the battlefield. This pump gun will level up your paintball game. It is capable of shooting accurate shots and providing smooth operation. All the fantastic features of the Empire Sniper pump marker together makes it durable and very reliable.

FirePower and accuracy

The efficiency of this Empire Sniper pump gun is commendable. It uses HPA, which enhances the performance of the Gun. It has a 300 PSI gauge which adds more to its performance.

Overall it is a great option which can be considered while buying a pump marker.

  • Low-pressure operation.
  • Has a 10 round feed system.
  • Very reliable.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Lightweight
  • Highly efficient.


parts of Gun are not very durable, and a need for replacement can arise from time to time.

2- Azodin KP 3.5 Kaos Pump Paintball Marker

Azodin KP 3.5 Kaos paintball marker is considered to be the best pump paintball gun in the market. It has a half-block design. It is a 14-inch marker and is made up of two-piece barrel.




This pump gun has a built-in excellent Delrin pump. another great feature about this pump is that one does not have to lubricate it. This pump should not be greased because greasing might result in swelling up of the pump. Once the pump is swelled up, it should be replaced.

This Gun also has dual pumping rods and a clamping feed neck. This Gun does not have an A5 barrel thread; instead, it is operated with an AC barrel thread. This pump is designed smartly so that it can maintain incredible lightness.

It is relatively convenient to use when compared to other pump guns. If you want to shift to a pump gun from an electronic gun, then you should consider this option. Azodin KP 3.5 will not be very difficult to operate in the field.

FirePower and Accuracy

This Gun has excellent firepower and accuracy. It is capable of shooting accurate shots and enhances the gameplay. It has around 230 PSI of pressure while operating.

The great thing is that it has two barrel backs of .685 and .681 respectively. Compressed air is used to operate it instead of CO2, which is a plus.

Despite its accuracy in firing it is surprisingly very quiet.


  • Dual pumping rods
  • Clamping feed neck
  • Accurate shots.
  • Lightweight
  • Very quiet.
  • Two-piece barrel of 14 inches and Delrin Pump.
  • Single trigger frame.
  • Convenient to use.


  • The Delrin Pump is prone to swelling.

3- Azodin KP II 2011 Kaos

Azodin KP 2011 Kaos has a very basic paintball gun design and very affordable. It is made up of aluminium material. It has an interchangeable barrel thread, and it has attached auto cocker.

The barrel is overall 12 inches and is a .689 barrel. The overall weight of this equipment is 2.7 pounds. The height and length of this Gun are 8.88 and 18.29 inches, respectively.



It is easy to upgrade and modify your Azodin KP 2011. Its inline regulator comes with ASA threads. These are standard-sized threads. The regulator operates with low pressure overall.

This Gun lets you attach the hopper quickly and securely with the help of its built-in lock. This twist lock is a fantastic feature of this model. The aluminum body makes it extremely durable.

FirePower and accuracy

When talking about its firepower and accuracy, we cannot neglect its high-performance valve. It also has excellent features like muffle striker and silence bolt.

The best thing is that it’s extremely quiet while shooting.


  • Built-in twist lock.
  • Smooth trigger.
  • Inline regulator of low pressure.
  • Durable.
  • Aluminum frame.
  • Extremely quiet functioning.
  • Advanced features like muffle striker and silence bolt.


It is difficult to tighten up the feed neck.

4- Azodin KP3 Kaos Pump 3 Marker


The best thing about Azodin Kaos pump 3 paintball marker is that it is incredibly affordable. It is retailed at a reasonable price. If you are on a budget and want to buy a pump marker, then this is a good option.

Its design is not as necessary as the Azodin 2011 marker, but the features are somewhat similar. It is also made up of aluminum material just like Azodin 2011. It has dual cocking rods and a quick releasing bolt.

Its clamping feed neck is made up of high-quality aluminum, having a half body lock design. It also has dual pump arms. It has all the features one can enjoy only in high-end guns, but this pump marker is unbelievably affordable.

FirePower and accuracy

This pump paintball gun is highly efficient. Its barrels are sized .685 and .681. It operates approximately 230 PSI.

CO2 cannot be used with Azodin KP 3. However, compressed air may work as a backup.


  • Aluminium body.
  • Quick-release bolt.
  • Affordable price.
  • Lightweight.
  • Amazing design.
  • Very quiet functioning.
  • High efficiency.


  • The Delrin parts are prone to swelling.

How does a paintball gun work?

If you plan to buy a pump paintball marker rather than the ordinary paintball gun, then you should know how it operates. The mechanism of this type of paintball gun is not the same as other guns used for speedball.

Pump guns are similar to shotguns. It does not allow you multiple fires in a go. A player can shoot one time and then has to pump the Gun again. These are also known as single fire guns.

Unlike electric guns, it is not capable of firing numerous shots at a time. This is because there is no built-in internal system in the Gun, and it is supposed to be pumped up for firing.

Often pump guns are manufactured and retailed to perform without an air tank. However, you might need to attach the air tank of your choice with some of them. Both CO2 and HPA works fine with it.


Who uses pump paintball Guns?

A number of beginners and intermediate players avoid a pump paintball gun and prefer electronic or mechanical paintball marker. An electronic marker is capable of shooting multiple shots at a time. A mechanical marker similarly is also very convenient to use.

A pump-action paintball gun cannot shoot more than one shot in a go. This is what makes it less likeable by most players. Some stress that these markers are difficult to use since you have to pump the Gun again and again.

This is not the most famous name in the paintball industry but still, many professionals and paintball lovers love to play with this Gun. They claim that the pump gunshots are far more accurate than the other markers.

Many players believe that this type of Gun provides them with a tremendous overall paintball experience. Pump guns bound the player to play more attentively paying more attention in the game. As a result, the general gameplay of the player is improved.

This Gun is capable of making your game strong, and it enhances the overall paintball experience. If you want to play paintball enthusiastically, then you should give it a try.

Benefits of Pump Paintball gun

Three types of most common paintball guns include Electronic paintball gun, Mechanical paintball gun and a Pump paintball gun. However, you can choose to play from any of these, but there are numerous benefits of choosing a pump paintball gun.

The foremost benefit of choosing a pump marker is that of affordability. This type of Gun is relatively cheaper. If you want to play occasionally or don’t want to spend a lot of money, then this will be suitable.

A pump paintball gun is capable of shooting only one paintball at a time. This will save a lot of paintballs which are wasted unnecessarily while shooting with an electronic gun.

This type of Gun significantly improves your game since you have to shoot attentively with full attention. This Gun enables you to fire accurate shots and enhances the gameplay in the battlefield.

The pump paintball markers are more comfortable to operate and convenient to use. They do not include complicated steps for smooth operation. Beginners are advised to use this type of Gun since the price is low, and the process is relatively easy.

Pump guns also reduce the long term cost of paintballs. Only one paintball can come in a chamber at a time which prevents breakage and save paintballs from breaking down.

Final Verdict

Playing with a pump paintball gun is a whole lot of new experience. Unlike electronic and mechanical markers, you need a lot of practice to play with a pump gun. This is because you can only fire one paintball at once.

This helps you build a strategy and makes you capable of accurate shooting. This article includes all the beforehand knowledge you need to have before the purchase of a pump paintball marker.

The four options discussed above are undoubtedly the best pump markers available at the moment. You can choose any of them by comparing the pros and cons.

Make sure you set your priority first in terms of budget, efficiency or performance before buying any pump paintball marker. This will help you choose the best one for yourself from among all the available options.