Co2 Paintball Tanks vs. Compressed Air – which one?

co2 paintball tanks vs compressed air which is better?

Here we will resolve the confusion between the selection of either Co2 paintball tanks or compressed Air markers. Some important points are mentioned below, which need to be considered while purchasing paintball guns.

First of all, let discuss what co2 is and what compressed Air is!

Co2 Paintball Tanks vs. Compressed Air

Paintball TanksPreviewRatingsPrice
Empire Paintball Basic Carbon Fiber Air SystemEmpire Paintball Basic Carbon Fiber Air System⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ninja Paintball Compressed HPA Air TankNinja Paintball Compressed HPA Air Tank⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K Paintball TankTippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K Paintball Tank⭐⭐⭐⭐

   Co2 tank has come in a variety of sizes, but the common one is 20 ounces. Other sizes will be 9 out of 12 ounces, 24 ounces. These are frequently used sizes for co2 paintball tanks.

When co2 is stored in a bottle is primarily in liquid form. The problem with that is when you try to shoot, obviously, or maybe paintball guns need gas, not liquid. So the problem with that is when it’s sweltering outside or outside, the expansion of that co2 does not happen.

It does happen, but it is time a bit more time to get big pressure fluctuations. Also, when you shoot fast rapidly or with some electronic guns that co2 does not have time to expand into a gas. Therefore, you get a big pressure drop once the rate of fire creases and trying to draw gas out of the bottle.

Another drawback with co2 is that many paintball fields are stopped filling these things, and it’s more to get filled. So, here at least more of the paintball field of charging six or seven dollars to refill this every time.

Hence it is costly if you know to play all day you could pay fifteen to twenty dollars just in co2 field.

Compressed Air:

As it sounds like just Air, it just compressed Air if they pull our atmosphere and from air compressor fill it up. A screw onto a paintball gun, and it works. Compressed Air is not liquid gas all the time; it is considerably more consistent, so the pressure coming out of this throw a lot more consistent.

As with co2, you could get that pressure fluctuation a lot, and the velocity will vary a lot. For this, we do not want our velocity spiking, and one paintball goes far, then the next one does not go as far.

Its accuracy seems bad, but the compressed Air is just constant pressure, so velocity is way more consistent. Unlike co2, most paintball fields charge a flat rate to fill these same things around here as five or ten dollars for all-day compressed Air fills.

It means you can fill this a hundred times if you wanted to. There charges at five or ten dollars for deadeye limited compressed Air fills.

The drawback to compressed is it more expensive. Most entry-level compressed air tanks like the aluminum ones are 48 cubic inches 3000 PSI tank, thus for fifty dollars. In contrast, the co2 20 ounces tank about twenty-two dollars.

The starting of compressed Air is at least costs you more than double the price. In the long run, it is saving money because if you think of spending fifteen bunks to fill co2 all day to the paintball field, you fill it a couple of times $15.

Ten dollars for compressed Air so you can play five to ten times, and you end up making money or saving money.


  Compressed Air is technically is always better, as its performance is better. There is still a place for co2; many people will discount co2 and just feel co2 is terrible. But one of the good things about co2 is that these tanks are inexpensive and sometimes easier to get filled.

 Many bigger sports stores or box stores, like Walmart or Dick’s, or Big five can fill co2 tanks. Getting co2 tanks can make a lot more sense as you can get about a thousand shops, and the aluminum compressed air tanks are about 500.

If you get two co2 tanks and shoot a whole box of paintballs, it cost you $50 for two tanks. On the other side if you could get four compressed air tanks for $200. But if you are playing your organized paintball field, then compressed Air does make more sense.

It is also a good rule to seek that if you have an electronic with co2, it gets weird when you start shoos fast. But if you have an electronic gun, it made more sense to use compressed air, and most of the electronic guns required compressed Air now.