How to Improve Paintball Gun Accuracy

I know from experience that most paintball players enjoy playing the game with a lot of fun on the field. When the game starts, they get very excited and enthusiastic about playing it. If they hit the targets appropriately, their happiness will reach a whole new level.

In my research, I’ve concluded that you need to be as accurate as possible with your paintball gun if you want to defeat your opponents in a close battle. Among other things, you should try to hit the thing you are trying to hit in the first place, resulting in extreme accuracy.

Improve Paintball Gun Accuracy

I want to share with you some important information before getting down to the nitty-gritty of the topic. You should be informed of a couple of things. The first thing is that a beginner’s target would be much less accurate than a pro-level player’s, which is why they need to practice lots before they are ready to participate in a tournament-level match.

And the second thing you can imagine is it must be pretty tricky trying to get paintballs to fly straight if the shape of the paintballs is oblong and covered with dimples.

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In other words, both the paintball marker and your skill will determine how accurately you will hit your target to make it through the game.

I will explain to you some possible methods you can use to enhance the accuracy of your paintball gun below.

Boost the performance of your paintball markers to Improve Paintball Gun Accuracy

From the heading, I think you are starting to get an idea of what I am trying to say. In the retail market, you can find both high-quality and low-quality markers to choose from, but bear in mind each will deliver its precise accuracy, so I recommend buying high-end markers to enjoy the game with perfect precision.

But one thing you should notice is that high-quality markers do not always mean exact targets. Paintballs that are low-quality are typically covered in debris and roughness, making them a headache to handle. You will lose your overall accuracy due to these inaccuracies and may cause a ball chop or barrel break due to these imperfections.

So overall, my recommendation is to buy an expensive paintball marker that will give you complete accuracy to hit the target with total control.

Make sure the barrel has the correct bore size

It would help if you used the appropriate bore size barrel for your paintball gun to guarantee you get the most performance from your paintball gun.

You have a few alternatives to know about, and select one of them. You can only do this by being boring, overbearing, or doing something called a paint-to-bore match. At this point, it’s necessary to mention that when you match the bore size of your paintballs to the bore size of your barrel, you’ll already be on your way to succeeding.

Let me share an experiment with you that can be performed at home, which I did as well, so read it and apply it.

To determine the bore size of your barrel, drop a paintball down the barrel and see if it gets stuck. In the case of stuck paintballs, you want to test whether the bore size of your paintballs matches the bore size of your barrel so you can blow them out with a slight blow of air. A paint-to-bore match is also called a bore-to-paint match.

Basically, when a paintball barrel is underbred, it means that it is smaller than the bore size of the paintballs you are going to use. When it is overbored, it means that it is more significant than your paintballs. So these are simple things that you should acknowledge; if you understand them correctly, everything will be more accessible for you.

Replace CO2 with high-pressured air

Are you still the one that is confused between HPA and CO2? If yes, don’t worry, I will tell you everything; HPA is simple compressed air in a tank; however, CO2 is a liquid that has to change into gas before firing. So CO2 is not a good option that if you use, try to avoid it for future uses. Instead, start using the HPA.

HPA relies on compressed air to do its job, which is much cleaner and has a much smaller environmental impact than co2. Because of this, HPA can provide you with a lot more consistency and, as a result, more incredible accuracy. 

In addition to the things mentioned above, CO2 is not friendly to the environment. For myself, I have been quite happy with HPA, and I have used it for quite a while.

Be sure to clean your paintball gun thoroughly

Well, are you among the ones who don’t clean their paintball gears daily or occasionally? After coming from battle, I know that most paintball players don’t clean equipment since they are exhausted; they just come home and keep gears somewhere else. So after some things, their paintball gears, especially markers, start losing their performance due to debris and dirt accumulated inside them. Consequently, soil, grime, oil, and leftover paint residue are messing with the paintballs, so as a result, they don’t travel through the breach easily. 

You will need to take the paintball gun apart to wash away all of the nasty gunk that has gathered in the breach of your paintball gun. Taking care of the violation of the marker in the first place involves removing all dirt, oil, and paint on the area. Moreover, you can add oil where fat needs to be added and replace any O-rings that need to be replaced. 

In this way, you will have cleaned your paintball marker, which will result in smooth shooting, allowing you to fire perfectly.

In Conclusion

I hope that by the end of this article, you will understand the above information completely. The primary purpose of paintball is not only to go out and play, but more importantly, your accuracy matters more than any other factor, which should be considered.

Here are a few recommendations on how to enhance your paintball’s accuracy, such as cleaning each part of the paintball generously, using HPA instead of CO2, and considering the exact bore size. The truth is that no matter how hard you try, no one can stop you from becoming a pro if you think these things thoroughly.