Is it safe to play Paintball in the Rain?

There’s nothing more fun than a paintball battle, but what if it rains? Fortunately, you can usually play paintball during the rain, unless extreme lightning or another hazard. 

However, the main issue is: Is paintball safe to play in the rain? I want to clarify that there are several factors to consider when planning to go out on the field. 

If you have an electronic paintball gun or a paintball loader, please bear in mind the possibility of water damaging your paintball gun or loader.

Is it safe to play Paintball in the Rain

Almost all modern paintball guns and loaders are water-resistant, and they will continue to function even if they get damp with a small amount of water.

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In this article, we provide a variety of tips and tricks on how to make your gear more durable and safe to use. We’ve compiled some tips that will give you the ability to play on a rainy day.

Make use of an automatic Paintball Gun

Players of paintball may already know how electric and mechanical paintball markers work and how they differ from each other. It is usually an automatic marker that fires one shot per press and is a semi-automatic type of weapon. 

There is no better time than a rainy day to play with a mechanical paintball gun. There have even been a few manufacturers of paintball guns that have developed mechanical manufacturing markers that can compete with speedball guns in recent years.

Barrels With Ported Covers

You will negatively affect your paintball flight path when you get water in your barrel, causing a tubular slide-like movement that ruins your precision. The amount of water in your barrel will directly impact your accuracy. This is primarily because water damages the internal components of the paintball gun, which results in poor performance. 

Is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening?

If you wish to prevent water from entering your barrel, cover the porting with water-resistant sealants, such as electrical tape. Water and moisture cannot pass through the electrical tape, so paintball markers stay dry. Avoid using cloth tape, such as hockey tape, to prevent water from entering.

Speed Feed On Loaders Should Not Be Used

If you usually use a speed feed on your loader, I recommend switching back to the standard top if it’s raining. Otherwise, your paintballs will get wet, and eventually, water will leak directly into your marker. 

There is no longer an option to remove the lid from your loader, so you’ll have to come up with an alternative. 

An empty paintball bag can be used to seal your loader in the event of rain to protect your loader from getting soaked. Ensure that you secure the bottom of the bag around the tube with electrical tape or a hair bow so that it won’t slip down to the bottom of the machine.

To me, however, playing paintball battle with a cloth-like object wrapped around the gun is unnatural and uncomfortable. 

If you want to keep your gun from getting wet, it is necessary to prevent it from getting wet.

It would be best if you used a thermal lens

In the case of extreme humidity outside, you may find that the lenses of your paintball gun are more likely to fog when it rains.

The reason for this is that heavy condensation will occur because the level of humidity is extremely high. It has been shown that using a paintball mask that has a dual-pane thermal lens almost eliminates the probability of the lens fogging. Even so, there is a minimal chance that you may still experience fogging if you are playing in the rain.

In simple terms, dual-pane lenses are two lenses separated by a small layer of plastic around the perimeter. As a result of this small layer of space between each lens, lens fog is prevented by creating a transition zone where the temperature between each pane isn’t as high as the temperature between each lens.

Cover Holes On Top of Paintball Mask

By covering the top of your paintball mask, you might be able to prevent it from fogging. A dual-pane lens can do a great deal of good in preventing fog, but if water drips down onto the lens, it won’t have much of an effect.

For this reason, I strongly advise wearing a hat with a crown or dome on it, so your hat will cover the holes underneath the lens of your mask. In addition, if your mask has a shield, I also recommend that you use it to keep water from getting on the outside of your mask. 

As a result, if wearing a hat does not prevent water from dripping behind your lenses, you might need to cover the vent holes on top of your mask with tape.

Cover Marker With Bag Between Games

Regardless of whether the marker is mechanical or not, it is still recommended to cover the entire gun when the weather is wet since paintball markers can be very slippery underwater.

Despite this, I suggest that you remove your bag before you begin playing the game because it may make it harder for you to see what you are aiming at and make it awkward for you to play.

However, according to my research, I have seen many players that have covered their marker with a combination of plastic bags and clear plastic, which worked well.

Paintballs Should Be Kept Dry

Apart from the tips mentioned earlier, Keeping the marker dry is the most important because it will work effectively without any glitches when you keep it dry. 

It is important to note that even a drop of water can cause your paintball gun to break apart and become a blender within seconds. There will be swelling in your paintballs even if only a few drops of moisture are in the air. After soaking a paintball, the gelatin shell of the paintball changes in shape, size, and texture due to the water absorbed into the shell.

If you can, it would be a good idea to keep your paintballs inside your car instead of outside, as you would typically do if you were playing paintball on a typical day.

If you intend to store your paintballs outside, you may want to invest in a cooler. Make sure you seal the cooler tightly so that no moisture can get in and contaminate your paintballs.


Is it safe to play paintball in the rain? Yes, it is safe if you follow the above precious precautions thoroughly. I have provided you with all types of tips and details that can help you use paintball markers on a rainy day. A rainy day is always fun and brings pleasure, so it would be a whole different experience if you played paintball.

As a rule, I recommend avoiding playing a paintball game on a rainy day; however, if you must, ensure you follow the safety precautions outlined above.