Best Places To Buy, Sell, and Trade Paintball Guns Online

Don’t you want to go out of your home to buy a paintball gun for your next battle? If yes, you are at the right place to know about the perfect websites and tips before selling or buying any paintball marker.

Paintball guns are expensive, so buying and selling can earn you lots of money, but it is not easy to find exact platforms. Whether you buy, sell, or trade, you should first know about authentic websites since thousands of websites are available, but some are recommended. I will explain each type one by one to give you an exact idea.

Place to buy sell Paintball Guns

Furthermore, my personal experience has brought me to the point that online fields have scammers. So let me tell you my tips and some great websites that will be quite helpful for you.

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So I won’t turn you in circles, so instead, I will jump right into what you are here for. Here are some tips and tricks for buying and selling paintball guns online before getting to some online platforms.

Selling Paintball Guns - Tips and Tricks

Below are some tips for selling paintball guns and equipment. For the best results from your paintball gear, use these tips.

Make Sure Everything is Accurate

The most important thing to sell paintball guns online is to make sure the seller is legit whom you can trust. 

When selling a paintball gun online, the first step is to verify that the account is real and that the seller is not a scammer. 

Although a real profile does not guarantee that you will not be scammed, it can give you some comfort in some ways. Since many sellers and buyers don’t want their reputation tarnished, make sure you always choose these types of people. 

You should, nonetheless, stop all communications with the person even if you are certain the account is real but feel that something is off.

I have kept this one at the top out of all my other tips.

Be sure to take good pictures of paintball guns:

Would you like to take low-quality pictures with your phone and upload them to your social media accounts? You wouldn’t want to do that. When you are trying to share your pictures on numerous platforms for selling or buying a paintball gun, how can a person be expected to like the picture of the worst quality? 

Therefore, I always recommend taking pictures with great cameras with different angles to make it easy for buyers to see all the gun’s dimensions. 

Apart from taking high-quality photos, I suggest taking more pictures to give a clear idea of every part of the paintball gun.

Take the time to explore:

It will not be possible for you to get a good profit from the paintball gun if you don’t do any research beforehand. The majority of paintball players are unaware of how to set a specific price for selling the markers online or know the exact price when they purchase the markers. 

Following these simple steps below will allow you to accomplish this task.

  1. In the search bar of eBay, type the name of your paintball marker.
  2. Then click Filter and scroll down to the Sold Items area until it says blue, and click the grey button to the right.
  3. You can see all items by clicking on the blue rectangle at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click on Sold Items at the bottom of the left-hand side where it says Show Only. 

As a result, you can now see every time the paintball gun you desire was sold on eBay. Accordingly, you can estimate what you think you can get for your paintball marker based on those numbers.

Facebook Groups

There are billions of users of Facebook around the world, making it one of the most popular social media platforms. It is quite common for people to use Facebook for the trading of paintball guns, and the reason for that is its wide coverage and simple interface, which makes it very easy to use, even for people with no education or understanding. 

So you have to search for authentic and trusted groups on Facebook. One of them is Paintball BST. in this group; you can learn about different paintball gears and sell and buy different gears, especially paintball markers. 

However, did you know that most of the states in the US do not allow young people under 18 to purchase a paintball gun? So please keep this information in mind and do not accuse me of not informing you.


My second best platform after for buying and selling paintball guns online is eBay. Selling on eBay has many advantages, one of which is that you can easily sell to people all across the globe.

Consequently, more people will be able to see your item, and you will be able to make more money than you would if you sold your item on other platforms. Secondly, if you’re unsure how much your paintball gun is worth, you can always ask for a higher price if you decide to list it. 

It is a little more complicated to sell on eBay (besides the small fees) than locally. To ship an item, you must package it, go to your local UPS, FedEx, or post office, and affix a label to it.


If you have used paintball guns that you want to sell or buy online, you absolutely cannot miss out on this platform. 

According to the way Craigslist works, based on where you live, you can find products, shops, and more within a set distance of your home. Depending on how badly you want the item, you can adjust the number of miles you are willing to travel.

For those who are interested in buying or selling something on Craigslist, they usually go to;

  • A section dedicated to sales
  • To find the item you’re looking for, choose the category that best fits your needs.
  • Under the sporting section, paintball guns belong.

So then there you can find whatever you want.


The article can be summed up by telling you my suggestion at the end of the article. I wish you enjoyed reading this article and, above all, I am fairly sure that it has been of much assistance to you. My favorite places to sell, buy, and trade paintball guns are on and eBay because both are the most prestigious online platforms.