Tips to Stop Paintballs From Hurting and Avoid Bruises

It is unavoidable that if you are a paintballer, you have a great deal of experience dealing with the pain of getting shot and all the injuries or cuts that can occur due to the shot. Even though the hit might not be severe, you will still find it too bad because it would interfere with your consistency during the game. 

I hope you don’t think too much about getting hit by paintball once in a while, regardless of whether you’re a pro-level player or just a starter. Although this is bad news for you, one good thing is that you won’t be injured too much, which means that if you’ve been shot with paintballs, you won’t need to go to the doctor. 

Make sure that you read the article to the end if you don’t want to be among those who were hurt by paintballs because I have provided a few valuable tips to help you avoid injuries.

Tips to Stop Paintballs From Hurting

Thanks to technology, now you can find a variety of additional gears and tips that will be incredibly helpful for you. 

Before going to the actual topic at hand, let’s take a minute to understand a natural phenomenon known as the Adrenaline hormone. If you’ve played paintball before, you may wonder what the connection with hormones is. I think that it has a strong connection, so let me clear it up for you.

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The adrenaline gland on the kidney secretes the hormone adrenaline serves both as an energy booster and a pain-relieving hormone. When you play paintball, you release high amounts of adrenaline throughout your body. After getting shot for the first time, many beginners utter that they have not hurt too much.

I have gathered the top 4 tips to make understanding straightforward for you, as there are no limits to the tips, but they don’t all work; therefore, I have grouped them into five.

Put on a lot of clothing:

It may sound strange to wear multiple layers of clothes, but according to my research, it is the most effective technique, so I have emphasized it. I am not just talking about any clothing either; it is a combination of long sleeves and pants worn with multiple layers. Having more layers on the body makes it more difficult for an injury or a bruise to develop. 

Would you advise me to consider the different weather conditions before wearing multiple layers of clothes? The answer is yes, you should. If you wear thicker clothes, especially in warm weather, you may not feel comfortable during the game and end up performing poorly.  

However, it is important to note that clothing should not be too tight for you to feel very stressed. Make sure the clothing you wear fits every aspect of your paintball experience.

Put on body protectors and gloves:

It is most likely that you will be struck on the hands, so I recommend that you purchase gloves and, in addition to this, buy high-quality body armor like neck and chest guards. 

The opponents will most likely try to hit certain parts of your body that are not properly hidden by protective gear, so to protect those parts, you wear gloves, capes, a collar, and a properly fitting mask.  

I don’t tend to wear too many gears because I feel a little awkward; however, if you plan to play your next battle, make sure you don’t go without any protective gear to protect yourself from possible injuries.

Play More Aggressive:

If you read the title, it may seem like I am explaining something opposite since a general rule of thumb is that if you play sports aggressively, you are much more likely to experience injuries. 

However, here I want to say something different, so let me explain this point in more detail to you.

  • Playing calmly or defensively means that you have to run slower, and as a result, your body will not produce too much adrenaline. Therefore you are more likely to suffer from injuries and feel more severe pain. 
  • On the other hand, if you play aggressively, you will be forced to run faster and faster from one point to another, releasing extra adrenaline preventing the body from getting hurt.

I hope that the above two points are crystal clear to you; furthermore, it is entirely up to you which strategy you adopt. In addition, I am a very aggressive player, both for sparing myself pain and for remaining active during combat.

Try to stay in the middle of the team players:

Although you would think to remain at the back of the pack to get protected from the opponent’s fire, I have played paintball battles several times, and I tried to remain at the back, but opponents came from the back and shot me. So this formula can not sometimes work, especially when the field has more hiding places where opponents will hide and attack from the backside. 

Then, I applied another strategy in which I stayed in the team’s center; this way, I was protected from all angles during the attack. But if your opponent is new to the game, you might also want to consider going to the back of the pack to save yourself from trouble since they typically do not have the experience to counter their opposing team. However, if the other team’s players are professionals, the middle of the pack is the best choice. 

I do this to beginner players all the time because they never seem to expect you to come up behind them. So unless you’re certain that no enemy players can sneak behind you, stay in the middle of the pack. Or at least in the back-mid area.

Concluding words:

Without further going down the rabbit hole, let’s conclude this article. Since I have put my experience into words, everything I have written above is not words I have uttered from my belly but words of experience. I highly suggest wearing multiple layers of clothing and playing more aggressively. However, as a team player, I am not keen on being in the middle of the team because by doing so, I will not be able to shoot anyone else. 

If you read the article and follow the points I explained, you will not have any more injuries in the future.