Dye Rotor R2 Review

Were you experiencing problems with the previous Dye Rotor loaders that you used previously? Even though I know you were, now everything is completely fixed with the new and updated Dye Rotor R2 Review, which prevents paintball jamming and results in a more smooth feeding of paintballs.

Dye understood what paintballers were going through, so they included a lot of new features in the new model.

Dye Rotor R2 Review

Although it is undoubtedly one of the most excellent hoppers on the market, it comes at higher prices than others. But it is worth purchasing even with more since it is geared with plenty of handy features.

Consequently, this loader should only be used by players who have a severe interest in tournament gaming and who, therefore, aim to have the best possible experience.

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When you are just getting started, we recommend purchasing a much cheaper hopper since this hopper is designed for high-performance tournament markers capable of throwing 30 balls every second.

To avoid confusing you further, let’s get down to the business of discussing the Dye Rotor R2.

Improved Technology in Dye Rotor R2 Review

In contrast to Dye loaders of the past, Dye Rotor R2 is wholly equipped with present-day technologies, making it a perfect choice for today’s players. 

Dye Rotor R2’s superior operating system makes it one of the most advanced hoppers on the market. Using Dynamic Force Control is an essential function of this operating system that can limit the pressure under which paintballs are subjected as they pass through their loader.

Using Dynamic Force Control, it is possible to prevent a Rotor Carousel from being driven simultaneously by both the spring and the motor at the same time.

It is important to note that motors and springs are set independently to achieve a much softer and more consistent drive force. Depending on how much flexibility you need, there may even be an option to adjust the drive spring tension yourself.

Dye Rotor R2 Review
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Dye R2 Electronic Paintball Loader

  • Feeds 30+ balls per second
  • Lighter Weight

Some Added Features

As part of the R-2’s operating system, there is also the industry’s first Reload Alert System, which alerts you when paint runs low and that you need to reload.

As soon as you fire 96 paintballs, the trigger will be triggered twice, and it will start three times once you fire 144 paintballs. Whenever you reload the system, you have to reset the system, which is the only downside.

System of power generation:

As part of Dye’s operating system of the R-2, Dye incorporated Active Power Conversation into its operating system. To prevent excessive power consumption, this feature automatically lowers and increases the voltage level of the power supply. Therefore, longer battery life can be achieved.

In addition, there are also dip switches located at the bottom of the gearbox that will enable you to turn off the lights and the sound associated with the hopper. The player who enjoys playing at night must possess this attribute as it is a necessity.

The capacity of the paint can be adjusted

By pulling up a top shell slide button on the back of the Dye Rotor R2, the paintball loader gives you the unique ability to adjust the capacity of paintballs by simply adjusting the top shell slide button to the left. As a result, you will no longer need two different hoppers to change the amount of paint you will carry.

By modifying this component, you will be able to see how many paintballs you have at your disposal and change the number of paintballs you have from 200 to 260.

30+ BPS Feed Rate

The Dye Rotor Carousel R-2 ammunition feeder is easily capable of firing 30+ BPS due to Dye’s patented Rotor Carousel technology.

In this case, Dye did make a few changes to the paint feed system so it wouldn’t jam so easily with brittle or soft paints. 

Dye added an anti-jam rubber feed arm to the carousel to prevent balls from getting stuck between the Rotor and its top. 

A jam release trigger is also included on the bottom of the loader in case it ever gets jammed. You pull it when it occurs, and it will clear the jam.

Reloading is easy

With the Rotor R2, Dye designed a mouth lid 15% larger than the one on the Rotor R1 to reduce the number of paintballs you lose when reloading your hopper on the field. 

Due to the small size of the Rotor’s mouth, it was easy to lose paint unless you lined up the pod precisely with the opening of the Rotor. There is always an option to upgrade to a Quick Feed lid if this is not convenient for you.

Tools are not required

It can be very frustrating to pull out your tools every time you want to maintain or clean a loader, so Dye designed the R-2 to be easily disassembled for maintenance or cleaning without requiring any tools. 

You will only need a 1/8 Allen wrench to change the drive spring tension.


  • There are more than a hundred thousand shots on a single three-AA battery
  • The paintball capacity ranges between 200 and 260
  • It weighs approximately one pound without batteries
  • Floors that have sprung as part of them
  • Disassembly that does not require tools
  • This system is designed to alert you when you need to reload
  • Safety net for rapid release
  • DFCS (Dynamic Force Control)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Tension adjustment for the drive

Its positive aspects

  • Easily liftable thanks to its lightweight
  • Provides a large amount of storage capacity for balls.
  • Reloading is made easy with this equipment. 
  • It has a battery indicator and a system for loading paintballs
  • The speed of shooting is fast when using this gear


This unit may be prone to get damaged very quickly due to its plastic parts.


In the end, let me share my thoughts with you. As far as loaders are concerned, I have used numerous loaders like Empire Halo Too, Empire Helix, and much more, but what I found about Dye Rotor R2 was quite astonishing. It stands out differently; however, little pricey, but considerable. 

So overall, you won’t be disappointed if you purchase it or even you won’t switch to an alternative when you are used to it.