Ghillie Vs Leaf Suit

History of Ghillie suit: Game wardens in the Highlands of Scotland are known as “ghillies,” a phrase that dates back to the 18th century. Safeguarding the Lord’s land against poachers was the responsibility of the Ghillies, who were entrusted with this duty. The ghillies occasionally stalked the game by lying completely motionless in the grass and hiding. After waiting for a deer to pass by, they’d spring out and catch it with their hands. A “mock hunt” would be conducted in the castle grounds with Ghillies returning to the keep with their reward.

Ghillie vs Leaf Suit

Ghillie suit:

Camouflage clothes, such as ghillie suits, are made to mimic the surroundings, such as grass, snow, or sandy. On the whole, it’s a net or textile garment decorated with loose strips of canvas (also known as hessian), cloth, or string, occasionally designed to resemble leaves or branches, with the addition of local vegetation scraps if desired.

High-quality ghillie suits are particularly adept in hiding their wearers in plain sight. Even at close range, it’s practically impossible to see a ghillie-suited soldier with native plants tied to their webbing in a flawlessly static position. The suit, on the other hand, does little to resist thermal surveillance by means of technology like FLIR. Using these approaches, a user of a heavy armor can flare out over a typical soldier.

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These suits are used by military forces as well as shooters and wildlife photographers in ability to assimilate in with their environment and hide from their opponents or targets. The three-dimensional breakdown of the user’s form, rather than a straight one, is the effect of the suit. As long as the suit is constructed correctly, it will sway with the wind in a manner similar to that of nearby greenery. A shirt can be worn underneath some ghillie suits, which are composed of lightweight and permeable fabric.


A wide variety of colour patterns and designs are available for ghillie suits on the market. There are five distinct colour schemes to choose from when purchasing this outfit.

  • Leafy green
  • Desert
  • White 
  • Mossy
  • Woodland 

With the help of each colour pattern, the vehicle can be used on every sort of topography. For those who work in the intelligence services, there are five primary categories of classifications. These characteristics play a significant influence in the user’s withdrawal from a given frame of reference.

Perks of Ghillie suit:

  • The Ghillie suit is doing everything it can to help its wearer blend in with the environment.
  • Longer hunts with more targeted prey are enjoyed by hunters who employ it.
  • Players who are devoted to paintball are able to easily hide from other players in order to win the championship.
  • For military men, it serves as a shield to protect their homeland from the wrath of the world. It’s becoming a requirement for any covert operation.
  • It allows snipers to move in a safe, deliberate, and cautious manner.
  • To get the best shots of the natural world’s wildlife and its splendor, wildlife photographers often wear this disguise. They can get as many stunning, appealing, and enticing beauty shots as they want if they wear a ghillie suit.
  • When going on a trip or throwing a wild party or get-together, children who love adventures can have plenty of fun and joy by dressing up in this unusual style.
  • Halloween is a good time to wear a ghillie suit. It’s a great tool for delivering a startlingly unwelcome shock. It’s a terrific way to spend quality time with loved ones and good friends.


  • Thick and scalding
  • Nothing to clean 
  • It’s impossible to alter the color scheme to correspond with the changing of the seasons.
  • • Caught in the thicket (like all ghillie)

Leaf suit:

Leaf suits are utilized for hunting but they have become increasingly popular within the paintball and airsoft communities as well. This suit is ideal for use in wooded areas, where a green underlayer is required for warmth. The colors change to match the surroundings and create a 3D illusion to hide your appearance. Paintball (or airsoft) players who frequently play in the rain or heat should choose the leaf because it is composed of a mesh fabric. Infrared retardant (IRR) fabrics used in the Stalker Ghillie/Leaf suit make it exceptionally durable but permeable, and it is designed to protect the wearer from night-vision-equipped adversaries.


  • In hot temperatures, it is more convenient.
  • You can use it in rainy weather as well.
  • Reduces the burden on your body
  • • It’s really difficult to be seen in lush areas thanks to this excellent camouflage ability.


  • Attaching genuine greenery is more challenging.
  • In cold weather, it’s not as cosy.
  • • Difficult to modify (may require a knit pick)

Ghillie vs leaf suit:

The weather and the nature of the environment play important role in deciding whether to buy or build ghillie suit or leaf suit.

The leaf suit may be the best option or the choice if you are in rainy or hot area, as leaf suit is comprised of permeable material and porous, lightweight fabric. As a ghillie might lead you to overheat, perforated fabric does not absorb water like jute, burlap or synthetic fibers do. A ghillie suit, on the other hand, is a better choice for colder climates because it is more comfortable to wear.

Now the matter of matching your environment or surroundings then leaf suit is the best option or work better in leafy environment and surroundings and ghillie suit is the better option for the grassier surroundings or areas.

There are many different types of cloth and fabric materials which are typically attached to each type of suit while personalizing the leaf suit and ghillie suit. Burlap, jute, and other thread-like textiles, as well as synthetic fibers, are commonly used to create ghillie suits. However, the majority of leaf suits are made from synthetic leaves, raffia, and 3D leaf strips. However, any material that you intend to connect to a suit must first be colored to match your natural surroundings.