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How to Start a Paintball Team

Are you thinking of going paintballing with your friends? Knowing how to start a paintball team is very important if you consider getting more involved in this wonderful hobby.

Whether it is to spend more time in the weekend with your friends or form a paintball team for competitive events, this article will help you understand the best approach to starting a paintball team.

Read on to find out more about establishing a paintball team, staying in contact with the online paintballing community, and the importance of high-quality equipment such as good paintball guns.



1.Begin organizing your new paintball team

The first thing to do is grab a notepad and pen and write down what your plan is in detail. Starting a paintball team will take time, investment, and, ultimately, a substantial amount of patience.

That is why it is essential to develop a plan from the very beginning and add to it as you accumulate new knowledge on the subject.

Begin with the people you know, or are in contact with, in your daily life. This could be your friends, members of your family or your colleagues.

Send them a friendly email, ask them to join your new team in a polite phone call or hand them a flyer from your local paintballing field.

You might be lucky that you do not need to take any further steps before having a complete paintballing team! But if that is not the case, no need to worry! There are many more ways of starting a paintball team to consider.


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2.The online paintballing community

Now that you have exhausted your list of contacts in the real world, the next step is to turn to online forums. A quick search for online paintballing communities, groups or forums will quickly return thousands of results.

You want to begin by narrowing these sites down to your local community.

How far you narrow the search down will largely depend on how big your community is. A state in the United States or a province in Canada might return as many European countries. Once you have found an online community that seems well informed about your local area, try to look for any discussions regarding events.

Feel free to ask if there are any upcoming events in the local area. Usually, if they discuss the event or know about it, so will many of the paintballing enthusiasts in your community. Make sure to write down where these events are being held and at what time, because this will become important when you finally go paintballing.

But first, you need the right clothes and the right equipment!

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3- The best clothes and equipment for paintballing

Before actually going paintballing in your local field, you need to know the best clothes for paintballing events and the best equipment and protective gear.

The word ‘best’ here is not referring to the most specialist or the most expensive equipment.


What is meant here is equipment that is of sufficient quality, but not equipment with inflated prices that you will waste your money on.

After all, you will need to purchase some paint to shoot with! First of all, you need to wear the right clothes, as getting shot with a paintball hurts, and you will be moving through the field quite a bit.

Find a shirt with long sleeves, gloves made of thick material, a beanie hat, sweatpants and strong, durable boots. Do bear in mind that these clothes will likely get paint on them! You, therefore, should only use clothes that you do not mind that happening too. Next, you will need eye and head protection.

A paintballing helmet with a clear window for vision will keep your eyes and head safe. You will also need some paintballing overalls with a camouflage pattern. This is to hide your exact whereabouts as you move through the field or take cover from incoming paintballs. Finally, you will need some paintballing body armour.

Like the helmet, this is to minimize the pain from the paintballs when you are shot at. Now that you have assembled the necessary equipment, you can put your plan into action. There is still one more step to expanding your new paintball team.

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4- Start paintballing to expand your team!

By now you will probably have the early beginnings of a new paintball team, and you are ready to head to the field with them. But even if you have not managed to build a team yet, do not worry! Contact the management team of your local paintballing field and ask about events and opening times anyway.

Even if you travel there by yourself, you will have the chance to meet fellow paintball enthusiasts as well as the field’s staff. If you return to the field enough times, you will eventually make friends who will know people who want to form a paintball team.

The field’s staff, in particular, will likely be heavily involved in the local paintballing community and highly informed about local competitive paintballing events. The advantage of building a team this way is that all members have a single field that they can regularly train on.

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5- Keep your team organized!

If you have successfully established your paintballing team, congratulations! It has taken a lot of hard work, but the effort was worth it. Be sure to stay in contact with your new paintballing team regularly.

The two main points to consider are remaining in touch by email or social media and frequent events. This ensures that all of the members remain well informed and motivated to stay a part of the team.

They will also improve their paintballing skills as they train with the team, enhancing the team’s ability to cooperate on the field.

Whether it is for competition or merely a way of having fun during the weekends, paintballing with a team that you lead is always a fantastic and action-packed experience!

We hope by now you have enough knowledge on How to start a paintball team.