VForce Profiler Review PaintBall Mask

VForce Profiler Review

It is impossible to play paintball without several key components such as masks, barrels, and much more; if you don’t have them, you will find it difficult to play. The paintball mask is a more essential piece of equipment, however, getting a high-quality mask with all the features is difficult nowadays because companies produce them with expensive machinery.

Furthermore, I have noticed many buyers who spend hundreds of dollars but don’t pick what they are actually looking for.


But due to our thorough research about many masks like Empire E-Flex, and many others, I found that VForce Profiler stands differently and is cost-effective.

VForce Profiler paintball masks offer a plentiful view, breathable characteristics, comfort, durability, and much more. You will get to know about each feature below in this article, therefore you are told to read the thorough review till the end with specific pros and cons.

One of our team members has used VForce masks and many others, but he found VForce a great choice. Here he is going to tell what he noticed when using it.

Below are some distinct features that make VForce Profiler different from other Masks

Viewing angle is wide

VForce Profiler Review
Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System

VForce Profiler Thermal Paintball Goggle Mask


  • Weight: ‎454 g
  • Hard target design

People prefer a wide field of view to make themselves able to locate farther enemies effortlessly. My vision was very limited but when I purchased the VForce Profiler mask it just blew my mind with the greater vision it provides. In addition to this, the VForce Profiler comes with a spherical lens with a 280° field of view that is distortion-free.

Fortunately It will provide you with a huge advantage over many other players on your team since it will increase your surrounding vision and allow you to see much better out of the corner of your eye.

You won’t regret buying this mask and you’ll be able to see enemies even from farther away or through obstacles with ease. 

An excellent level of Comfort

It is not expensive like other masks, therefore you will be wondering about its quality and comfort. Nevertheless, despite being one of the most affordable paintball masks on the market, the VForce Profiler is also one of the most comfortable paintball masks ever created.

Although the soft open cell foam used in the Profiler provides most of this comfort, the lightweight design and the ability to stay snug and secure also contribute to it.

There is protection provided by it

Need a mask that offers you extra protection? Look no further than VForce Profiler if you want to stay protected. 

There are two types of material that make up this mask: soft rubber and hard plastic. The earpiece, middle, and side edges are made from a soft rubber material, and the rest of the material is hard plastic.

1. Soft Material

One of the materials used in VForce Profiler masks is Softer rubber. In addition to the soft rubber material’s ability to bounce, it allows players to aim better while using a stock.

2. Hard Plastic

Plastic is durable and can last for too long since it is made of sturdy materials. Plastic is an excellent material for keeping the mask in place and protecting you against the sun. 

Quite a bit of Ventilation

We know that Paintballing is one of the most exhausting sports, so it’s very uncomfortable to wear a mask with very little ventilation when you’re running so hard that you can hardly breathe.

In addition to making breathing difficult, a lack of ventilation also causes your mask to fog up more quickly. Fortunately, the VForce Profiler has strategically placed ventilation holes that allow you to breathe without worrying about excessive fog.

A lens that is easy to remove

If you play paintball regularly, being able to change your lens in a matter of seconds is imperative. I personally have found many difficulties in removing the lenses when using other masks, but when I got VForce it became a matter of seconds for me. 

Although the QuickChangeTM system on the Profiler isn’t as simple, it still manages to allow you to change your lens in a matter of seconds.

Rubber earpieces that are soft and comfortable

It’s worth mentioning that the Profiler earpieces are more rubber than foam or cloth, but they are still really comfortable to wear. It is actually easier to clean and more durable to keep rubber earpieces clean. As well, they provide added protection and last longer.

Visor is Detachable

Many masks are available but you cannot detach the Visor, however luckily VForce Profiler has a removable visor. 

I really enjoyed using the Profiler visor, and I enjoyed the whole experience.

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Compared to most other visors, it extends a bit more than most other ones so that it can actually do a better job at keeping the sun off your eyes. Also, the visor also offers some protection to the middle of the forehead.

The visor can easily be removed if you don’t want to use it, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t want to use it. I would like to highlight, however, that it may not be quite as easy to remove as some other things.

If you want to be absolutely sure that you won’t accidentally scratch the lens, you should remove the lens before connecting or disconnecting the visor.

Various Colors Available

Are you getting bored of simple masks with only a few colors? If yes, then VForce profiler is available. Nevertheless, there are several colors and lenses to choose from for V-Force Profiler. Black, olive, and camouflage are some of the basic colors. However, there are other colors as well, such as orange, purple, and charcoal.

  • I found the hotel to be extremely comfortable
  • Paintball players with larger heads will find this a good option
  • This is one of the most durable, top-quality dual-pane thermal lenses on the market
  • This is a very nice goggle bag that will keep your goggles safe during storage
  • A lightweight product
  • Some players with big jaws may be able to see the jawline through their mouth

Finally, I conclude

Now it would be easy to know about the VForce paintball masks because we have covered almost every possible aspect of them. 

It has a thin anti-fog lens that makes it extremely comfortable to wear while wearing and it is also extremely anti-foggy. Taking the V-Force Profiler as a whole, it can be considered as one of the top mid-range paintball masks on the market at the moment.

Overall, try to read the article again in detail, resulting in getting more knowledge.